Office + Style Wall Adapter/Surge Prtctr

any idea what the “idle” current draw of this is? One presumes that the USB charging ports consume some small current even when not in use since they are basically “wall warts” built into the surge protector.

Jeez-O-Peet! Looking at the Amazon price history and I see this price actually jumped up the week before Thanksgiving, when it was $17.

Uhm, no thanks. I’ll wait when it gets down to their Lightning deal level of $12.

How many joules?

One thing to note about these wall adapters - the center holding screw only works with the regular style receptacles, not the “Decora” style ones. The power is drawn from the top outlet, so make note if it’s destined for a receptacle that’s half-switched.

For a single pack, no? The price here is for two.

The colored ones typically have NOT been discounted either.

Under feature, it notes 900 joules.

The price you are referring to was for one. This deal on Woot is for two!

Apologies, but I’m not well versed in outlets. It sounds lije you’re saying the screw is part of the unit (cannot be removed) and would therefore only work with the plain faceplates. Is that correct?

Also, what did you mean when you said a receptacle is half switched?

The screw can be removed; it’s not necessary at all, but when used, it prevents the whole unit from being pulled out from the receptacle.

Standard receptacles in the US look like this:

The threaded hole between the receptacles is used to secure a cover plate to – and this uses that screw hole to prevent it from pulling out. One would remove the existing cover plate screw (but leave the existing cover on), plug this in, and screw it together so it cannot be pulled out. Keep the existing screw in case removal in the future is desired.

Decora receptacles look like this:

There’s no screw hole between the receptacles that would allow this to screw into. It’ll still function, but it can be readily removed.

Half switched is when the one outlet is switched and the other is unswitched. The switched outlet is where a lamp would normally be plugged into. If this is to be used on one of those outlets, the matter of its desired function (switched or unswitched) will be dependent on whether the upper outlet is switched or unswitched.

(Pictures referenced from Cooper (Eaton) Industries.)

Very frustrated because I ordered this yesterday but couldn’t get white, so I ordered ugly green. Today I looked and white is now available. Not nice, Woot!

I had similar outlet expanders with usb ports purchased from Costco that had nice led charging indicator lights, but they oddly put out a lot of noise in the usb ports that interfered with the touch screen on my phone when plugged in, so I couldn’t use it when charging without it responding erratically.

Any one tried this particular one and can confirm it has no quirky behavior while connected?

It’s too bad that this appears to be rather stingy on the spacing between the outlets as well because putting any kind of wider plug into it will block the adjacent outlet.

Sorry about that! Sometimes if we sell out of something we go back to the vendor and try to get more, but this process can take a few days. :frowning:

When I clicked on hyper link “1 Year Office + Style” which is supposed to go to “” Nothing ever comes up. I want a copy of warranty in case I need to return item.

What are the max amps delivered by the USB ports? It lists two 2.1 amp ports, but is that 2.1 amps max (1.05 amps per port when both used), or 2.1 amps per port, when both are used (for a max of 4.2 amps)?

Hmmm. When I click on the link it lets me download a word document of the warranty.

Is anyone else having issues with this?

Are these 2 prong or 4 prong?

I’m sorry. I don’t understand your question? It replaces a two-outlet wall plug.

Not so sure how valid that list price is. As it happens, I needed something like this a couple days ago. Home Depot had several options, the most expensive one had fancy auto switched outlets (two of the six, where current through a master outlet switched on the other two. the remianing 3 were normal. 2 usb ports. It was 24 bucks. The one I bought had swivelling outlets, 2 usb ports, a 1200 joule surge rating, and cost 17 bucks. Now, for Woot’s price, you get two, so that’s pretty good. But a hundred dollar list? Um. Where?

Was thinking the exact same thing. $99 is a total BS price.

[QUOTE=campbellkd14, post:2, topic:653950]
any idea what the “idle” current draw of this is? One presumes that the USB charging ports consume some small current even when not in use since they are basically “wall warts” built into the surge protector.[/quote

Your phone regulates how much charge it needs. This is capable of 2.1 amps.