Office Sweet Office

How is your home office set up? Have you got this printer, or any impressions to share on the gear presented?

For anyone considering the HP Pavilion, its actually a nettop in the body of a desktop. You can upgrade the memory (replacing existing sticks) and the hard drive, but that’s it. You cannot add a new graphics card or do any further expansion that you might expect from a desktop.

Also, I recommend the 16GB Kingston HyperX RAM, but with the shipping charge, this isn’t any cheaper than Amazon for the same kind of memory. Also, for anyone interested in knowing the WEI scores, these are CL10 1600MHz and will score a Memory WEI of 7.8. You need a CL9 1600MHz to score a full 7.9.

damn does this RAM sing, I upgraded from their ddr2 line when i got my new motherboard and boy is this stuff quick! Like liquid lighting quick. Kingston has proven themselves yet again with this offering, try it (if its the rights speed/size) and i can assure you won’t be disappointed.

Dear woot: Please do not put items in the picture that aren’t actually included in the sale. Case in point: the very prominently displayed wireless phone headset. Not the first time this has happened either. Call me a “sucker” for clicking on the image and bringing me to the sale but I was hoping to see the headset next to a price and buy button since mine sucks.


Sorry about that. Those photos are shot in advance and the sale can change at the last minute if an item isn’t received in time or sells out unexpectedly via other sales.

Yep. As I note every time Woot offers it, it combines the power of a netbook with the portability of a desktop.

So yeah, even at $200 this is not a great deal. The case is comically empty.

I bought two of the monitors when Woot sold them last time. One works fine and is a great display, but the second one had some internal issue resulting in the OSD constantly popping up and randomly messing with the settings. Most commonly, it would switch inputs back and forth. Even if I locked the OSD, it still popped up with a “OSD locked” message constantly.

Woot is replacing it now, but it cost me freaking $28 bucks to send back, so be advised.

The Kodak Hero 5.1 is a POS and Kodak’s “support” in India is a joke. The printer connects to the wireless network then drops the signal and freezes after 5 minutes. Total junk, IMHO.

Other sales? What other sales…you holding out on us? :slight_smile:

Really wish you had more than one laptop. My laptop decided to kick the bucket late last week and I missed out on all the good Labor Day deals. Saw the one posted and got excited, until I saw sold out. Less pumped when I saw it was sold out after only one person bought.

The RAM really isn’t a good deal…a quick Newegg search shows that the same specs can be had for $79 shipped…and the exact Kingston RAM here is $85 shipped.

RAM is RAM. It all has a lifetime warranty and it all comes from the same handful of manufacturers - kinda like LCD panels.

What is liquid lighting? Is that like lava lamps? I’m assuming you meant liquid lightning. Even still, wouldn’t liquid lightning be slower than normal lightning? I was going to buy the RAM, but I don’t want something that is as slow as a liquid. :slight_smile:

Bought the AOC 23" LED monitor for $124.99 in a Woot-Off in June. Was a bit annoying to set up, as you have to kinda muscle the stand into place with enough force to get the damned thing to move, but not so much force that you break the cheap plastic, as the input connections and buttons are all in the stand.

Once it was in place, though, it’s been a very nice monitor for the price.

Sadly the headset isn’t even for a phone or any other standard “office equipment”… it’s an XBox accessory!

woot, when are you going to get around to shipping items bought 3 days ago?