Official "Crappraisals"

Some time ago, on the rare chance I was able to obtain the elusive BOC , I would take part in the forums rating other peoples crap. It was just something fun to do and some people seemed to enjoy it. In fact, some of my forum peers even named me the Official Crappraiser.

However, I would only perform my duties when I was able to snag some crap for myself, because I wanted to see how my crap compared to other crap. After some time and with Woot becoming more popular, it became harder and harder for me to get crap. This meant that I was partaking less and less in the crap discussions. With all the games, shenanigans, etc to obtain some crap I just didn’t have the time or patience anymore. I think I may have went into crap depression. Eventually, I decided to hang up my Woot lights and retire my crappraising duties altogether.

Time passed and eventually I started to miss taking part in the discussions about crap. While nothing beats the excitement of scoring some crap and waiting to see what you got, it was almost as exciting to see what crap other Wooters got.

After talking with my good friend FrostByte, he talked me into coming out of retirement and how I could return to my crappraising duties. During our discussion we came up with the idea of creating a thread just for “Crappraisals”. This would allow me to be involved with all the crap that people felt like sharing and getting “crappraised”.

So here is how this thread will work for those interested:

Go to the Crappraisal Request Form

Within the request you will be asked to provide your forum ID and the permalink to your post about your crap. (The permalink can be found in the upper right corner of your post in the forums) Once your request is received, just allow ample time for your “crappraisal” to be completed and look for the results back in this thread.

For those not familiar with the rating system, it is basically a system of Woot lights from 1-5. This is the basic idea of how they work. (Ratings vary and change at my discretion, based on what kind of mood I’m in)

The Woot gods have not smiled upon you. There may have been some kind of mix up, because you didn’t even get the minimum 3 items or the items are useless, broken or not even worth $10.

You received some not so stellar crap, but at least one thing has some value. In total it was worth price of admission.

Your crap has some enviable items maybe even one that is ebay/gift worthy.

Your crap is better than most or you have a unique item. You may also have an item that has a high value or multiple items are worth celebrating.

You are one of the chosen few. You got an item (or several) that is worth way more than $10. Exceeds any reasonable expectations for what would be in some crap.

So, now that you know what my proposal for this thread is about and what exactly “crappraisals” are, feel free to submit your new requests once the crap starts flowing in. Please, don’t submit requests for previous crap, because who really wants to look at old crap anyways.

Oh, almost forgot, the Crappraisal Commandments:


I. Thou shalt respect the “crappraisal” given by the Official Crappraiser.

II. Thou shalt know that all “crappraisals” are final.

III. Thou shalt not complain when thou doth not like the Official Crappraisers rating.

IV. Thou wouldst probably be better off not requesting a “crappraisal” if thou art easily offended about thine crap or if thou art just a party pooper in general.

V. Thou shalt not request multiple “crappraisals” for the same “crap”. Thou shalt be assured that the Crappraiser will do the best he can to provide “crappraisals” in a timely manner, but thou shalt realize he is but one man.

VI. Should thou enjoy thy “crappraisal”, please be sure to let the Crappraiser know… he doesn’t have much excitement in his life. Let’s face it, he’s here rating crap.



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I give this thread

The Permalink is in the upper right of your forum post. (I’m not critiquing, I just know someone will not be able to find what you meant.)

Also, I am so in. Crappraisal submitted.

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I give Woody1150

Thanks for pointing out the permalink error. I read over my post (and have now corrected it)several times before posting, not sure how I missed that.

In any case…

thumperchick requested an official crappraisal on 2/4 for

I rate this:

The Crappraiser is ogling the:
Blu-ray player

Woo hoo!

Ooh, the first crappraisal. I’m flattered.

Also, I put my crap rating on that crap post. hope that becomes a thing, too.

Cool idea!

I agree! That may bring some more traffic to this thread.

FrostByte requested an official crappraisal on 2/5 for

I rate this:

Linad requested an official crappraisal on 2/5 for

I rate this:

The Crappraiser is caught noticing the:

I wonder if quoting the crap post being rated would help some. If the thread being linked is image heavy, the permalinks don’t always go to the right place.

To stick with the pony gif theme…

Yeah good point

We actually talked about that issue when we were coming up with his process.

Besides being more work for Woody1150 to get the posts over to this thread, we were also afraid it might clutter this thread a bit.

But, it’s ultimately up to him, I’m just here in an advisory capacity.

I’m really glad you’re back in action! I would sometimes get misty when I saw the link in FrostByte’s signature.

jthebird1977 requested an official crappraisal on 2/8 for

I rate this:

The Crappraiser is smitten with the:
Ray Bans

robinson77s requested an official crappraisal on 2/11 for

I rate this:

darkinc requested an official crappraisal on 2/27 for

I rate this:

The Crappraiser is excited by the:

FrostByte requested an official crappraisal on 2/27 for

I rate this: