Official Woot! Hat


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i really need to get some sleep, but i dont wanna miss a BOC. curse you woot!


Well I bought two… I think they’re cute. It’s not over until it’s over…


Okay already, I bought a hat
[size=18:c3f5ba7e1b]Now Where are the ROBOMOWERS !?!?![/size:c3f5ba7e1b]

Or does the Hat come with knobbies?


[quote user=“Yakityak”]man, that’s pimp funny! no complaints here… a laugh’s a good deal, too.[/quote]Yes all of these hours up and hitting refresh (OMG my wrist is killing me!) but the hat is a pleasant gag on us desperate wooters.


HATS off to you woot I will show some pride :lol :mrgreen:


OK, Woot, you know I love ya, but this is just wrong! All the stuff I was interested in got away from me & I have nothing to show for the Woot off! :frowning: I’d even buy a hat to say “I was there”, but $10?! Don’t think so!


Been there, Done that, BUY the damn hat. :twisted:


[quote user=“DerWeissFlugenWurst”]Okay already, I bought a hat
[size=18:74f60f4613]Now Where are the ROBOMOWERS !?!?![/size:74f60f4613] [/quote]

That will be item# 65… :twisted:


Man, that so rocks. Too bad I only have $9 in the bank!


[size=24:7a051111af]BOC Next! You watch![/size:7a051111af]
[size=12:7a051111af]Forget sleeping. It’s Saturday, you can sleep later.[/size:7a051111af]


Okay, what is BOC?


You fools, This IS the bag of crap!!!


Damn i wanted to get some sleep… Oh well im at work anyway… guess i aint got anything else to do… Im waiting for the shirt…


Bag O Crap


Nevermind, I got it right after I hit submit.


I know how you feel. This is like torture.

I have the money but I also have some very large bills that need taken care of. :evil:


GREAT psyche! Gotta love ya for that!!! Primo Woot Off! Bring it on!!!


Yep … and I was right.
Read my comments in the T-Rex forum, Woot


So, we can still get the dino, right?