OGarden Indoor Smart Garden, White

OGarden Indoor Smart Garden, White

So here’s a warning.
I bought one of these not through woot several months ago… significantly more expensive.
Really cool concept.
Unfortunately the unit is very cheap essentially all plastic with a little press board wood…
First problem:
The control panel went out within the first 2 weeks.
Customer service is AWEFUL! Cannot talk to a person. Days before a response by email. Then a few weeks for the part to show up so I can “fix it myself”… which was not easy. But was achieved.
JUST TODAY, when my wheel is finally full of those nice plants… now about 6 weeks after my fix, The motor that turns the wheel went out!
Constant knocking and the wheel doesn’t turn.
Soooo… just left another email
But beware… learn from my experience
Really neat idea but really REALLY poor execution.
I’m not surprised the e decided to dump these on woot at a substantial price reduction.
Unfortunately junk is junk at any price.


You would have to grow a ’ medicinal cash crop’ to recoup your $600 …jus sayin…

Looks like a vegetable portal

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It does not come with seeds?

From the features:

OGarden smart kit with 90 seed cups included

What are they?

Mine started making the creaking noises as well and then stopped turning only a few weeks after purchase. Turns out the roller bearings in the joint (or correct term) just off of the motor locked up. When I pulled the black plastic frame (containing the bearing mount) away from the axle, some of the bearings even fell out.

As far as I could tell there was no lubricant applied at the factory, so friction damage eventually caused it to seize. After washing out the bearings with WD-40, packing the loose ones back in, and adding a wealth of lithium grease, everything is working fine now.

This thing really is cheaply put together.

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