Oggi 4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser

We’re just about to start building a bar in our bonus room, so I showed this to DH. He is interested but is afraid it would fall over too easily. Does anyone have one of these? If so, how stable is it?

(Insert comment here about how stable DH is AFTER sampling the dispensed goods.)

It’s a cool idea but it looks like this product isn’t made very well. Amazon review quote:
“The first couple of uses were great, but after that I learned that it was cheaply made. The dispensers don’t have a great seal on them, so your liquor will leak everywhere. I came home to an entire bottle all over my counter. It also is very unstable. Mind you, I had 750mL bottles attached to the carousel, and it still managed to wobble. Over a few days of use, the center piece began to lean and wobble even more. The only great thing I’d have to say is that I did try a liter and it held on to the suction cups pretty well. Overall, however, this carousel liquor dispenser is junk.”

Thanks! I let it slide by without pulling the trigger. Good thing. Serious leaks are a waste of good liquor!