Oggi Kitchen Timer, Medium/Firm

Oggi Kitchen Timer, Medium/Firm


Exactly what I was wondering. 'Cause, like, there’s soft/squishy minute timers available?


Exactly. Is this a timer or a pillow?


Oggy Oggy Oggy
Oi Oi Oi

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Am I the only one that hears this?

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All about perspective

I prefer to yell at Alexa to make a timer.

It appears this timer times your entire kitchen so it needs to be considerably stronger than your typical egg timer, because those timers are soft boiled specifically for eggs. I find egg timers to runny on the sunny side of the clock.

Something something poached.

Yes, but it didn’t say it was stronger. Only firmer. Otherwise I’d wonder about weak timers then.

“Something something possum.”


No idea what medium/firm means but that’s how it’s listed on Amazon.

Maybe how loud it is?

So how loud is “firm”?


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Its a size reference and how it feels :sweat_smile: