OGIO Backpacks

for the OGIO 111065.03 13 Covert Shoulder Bag - Black,

Can it fit my asus chromebook c300?

Item Dimensions L x W x H - 13 x 9.10 x 0.90 inches

I dont want to buy the product and have it not fit. Thanks

I bought the Newt 15" slim case to fit my HP 14" Chromebook I purchased last month on Woot and I LOVE it !! It fits my Chromebook and my ipad and other personal things too. Many secure pockets for storage though it doesnt expand so you want slim items only stored in it to give it a smooth look on your shoulder without bulges. I can’t say enough about the quality of this bag. I didnt mind the colors nor does my husband. It looks great. Hope this helps.

Edit Nevermind. I figured it out. lol

Check out the cool video for the “OGIO 117044.351 Pagoda 13 Messenger - Static”

I grabbed one of the ‘slim’ bags last time these were available. I love it. Definitely a small bag, but big enough to store what you need without wasted space. Perfect for a student who doesn’t need to lug a lot of books around.

This price is a steal compared to what I’ve seen them for elsewhere.

In for one or two more.

I had this exact bag for a 13" Macbook Air and it fit perfectly. Had some more room for length and height, but not much leeway on width. With that said, given the Air is 12.8 x 8.94 you’d be fine.

I really liked the bag, the strap is woven like a seatbelt and both sewn and riveted on. Very sturdy.

I bought one of these back packs from same company different one not shown here and the stitching came undone about month two. Very disappointed. You have been warned.

I have the 15-inch bag for my 14-inch laptop, and I love it. I was just about to buy a typical black case when I saw this one, which stands out so it’s hard to miss. Plus it looks awesome and has plenty of space for extra things. I love taking my laptop around just so I can carry this bag!

I still have the “freebie” I was given over 10 years ago with some company’s logo on them. Best promo item I’ve ever been given. It’s held up to over 10 years of HEAVY abuse, I carry way more than I should in it, and yet it still looks and functions perfectly, No rips, zippers are all 100%, all stitching perfect. I am considering buying a smaller one this time around. Nothing wrong with the old one, just different sized packs for my multiple gear would be nice…

I wish they hadnt sold out of the soho tide bag its $80 everywhere else :frowning: