OGIO Bags and Backpacks

I bought THIS OGIO BAG during a woot-off (almost 1 year ago) and I love it! well made, very solid, nice compartments. I’d buy it again.

I wish it was 1/2" deeper and 1/2" wider, but the fact that it was compact as well as thoroughly padded was what was appealing.

Mine is all black, so it’s tactical-looking, but I still get compliments on it (from guys) all the time.

I keep wanting a new one, but my (almost) 10 year old Ogio is still holding strong. I’ve had many laptops in mine, stuffed clothes in it, lots of gear, etc. Never any issues. All zippers still work flawlessly, seams holding up, no thinning/tearing of any of the materials. Good backpack!

I had my eye on the Newt 15" Slim Case, but by the photo and the description it really looked like a flannel bag. I finally gave in and got it for $21, I needed one. It arrived, it looked so tiny, but the fabric was beautiful and not flannel. I was so worried my 14 in laptop and accessories would not fit. They did! Everything fits beautifully and I love the little pouch for my Ipad mini. I get tons of compliments on it, it looks expensive and its well made and easy to handle. I am really surprised its not sold out. Maybe everyone else thinks its flannel also. Its not.

When you get one that’ll fit a 17" laptop, let me know. I’ve been waiting to replace the one I have with a tear in it…