I have the 11" Heather Grey bag. It’s actually nicer in person and a good quality bag. Although it was smaller than I thought and will not fit large laptops. It’s perfect for tablets and paperwork.

Please don’t advertise a photo of bags that are actually not for sale, like the grey bags which different in style and color.

Ogio is my favorite company for backpacks and laptop cases. I have one similar to the OGIO Vamp L Laptop Bag for sale, its over a decade old and it is still in great condition! They seem to last forever.

Exactly. The one I want is the courier sling which is not in the sale.

OGIO makes good stuff if you like their style. Not a fan of it myself, but I won’t deny that they’re solidly made.

Ermagherd! I would buy this if only because of the Morris Day and the Time reference… I used to dance in clubs to “Jungle Love”. (Really!) “Lookout! Ha HAA! HUH! JUNGLE LOVE!”

So, I may or may not have bags to store my bags.

I can not let my wife know that I am looking at this sale. She has forbidden further bag buying. Besides, I don’t have a small laptop to put in these.

I think I’ll look on Woot for a small laptop or tablet today…