OGIO Clutch Backpack



i’ve had two black denim backpacks by OGIO, each costing around $100 from zappos.

i’d highly recommend any bag they make, similar to my experience w/ DAKINE and luggage/duffles…OGIO backpacks have lasted me a couple years so far. they can REALLY take a beating…i toss them in my trunk, on concrete, etc and they still look like the first day i got them…pretty much.

by that, i meant they look AWESOME :slight_smile:


13 inches wide? Will this fit a 17 inch laptop or not? Sounds like it’s gonna be tight (or no way).


looks like product website, 3 glowing reviews, $55

vs. $24.99 tonight


I’d like to know this too… I have a gigantic ASUS ROG laptop and looking for a backpack that fits it is a pain in the A.


Dimensions of the laptop sleeve:
15”h x 11.5”w x 1.5”d

so, no for 17".

info link

edit: For my two 17" laptops, I use a Swiss Gear IBEX. Its sleeve is 16.5" tall and the pack is put on sale for around $55 every so often on buy. com


Actually, with a height of 15 inches and a width of 11.5 inches, the diagonal measurement would be 18.9 inches, which would accommodate a laptop with a 17 inch diagonal display.



you should measure the width of your lappy first. my 17"ers are 15.5" and 16.5" wide.


7" h x 13’" w x 19" d

how is that possible?? a back pack that is only 7 inches in height??!! i think they got the numbers backwards!!


Uh, they measured while it was laying on a table?


Does anyone have an idea of how big the cooler compartment is?


I was first introduced to the Ogio brand when I worked for a promotional product marketing company back in 2001. I was given a sample laptop tote/briefcase “Messenger bag” from one of their reps and started using it immediately. I still use it off and on to this day and it has held up remarkably well. Aside from being a bit dirty, there really isn’t any wear and tear on it! Pretty amazing considering its been about a decade and it has several compartments, zippers, straps etc. that have always worn on other similar products that I’ve had.

Ogio’s quality is excellent, unmatched for the price and then some IMO. Ogio is one of the few names that I actually am glad to pay for the brand name. That ‘25 year warranty’ they proudly display is there because they know their products last.


Well, on their site they show it with 3 redbull colas (20 oz) in the front-most pocket. (Which is labeled as the cooler pocket.)

I kind of doubt it would hold much more, but you could probably fit 3 tall-boys or perhaps a sixpack that has been folded in half.


in 4 1 in stealth. i ride and have gone through 2 lesser backpacks the last 2 years. this would seem a bargain, hope 3rd time is the charm


The Ogio website describes the dimensions as 18" H x 13" W x 7" D. Sounds more likely to me…


Sorry, according to the Apple specs, it is going to be .47" too small in the “width” of the computer … they are not manufacturing any more 17" units anyway because they feel the 15" Iris display provides just as many pixels as a 17" would (unless that too were an Iris display, which Apple refuses to embrace).

Apple MacBook Pro 17" Dimensions:
Height: .98 inches (2.50 cm)
Width: 15.47 inches (39.3 cm)
Depth: 10.51 inches (26.7 cm)


Ogio claims on their site that this backpack ‘holds most 16" laptops.’ Of course no one actually has a 16" laptop so it’s really just theoretical.


I have a 16" laptop. Jes sayin’.


yeah and most 15 inch laptops are actually 15.6 so thats close enough =]


I have a 16" laptop… but I guess it doesn’t exist because it’s theoretical.