OGIO Golf Bags

Who has one of these bags and would like to share?

I recently purchased the PACE Ogio bag, and have been extremely happy with it. Aside from it missing some of the new, key-features of the newest stand bags(Ball-access, club organization/silencer for walking,) the light weight and mass-storage more than make up for it. (As does the $75 price tag)

PROS: VERY Lightweight; Plenty of storage; comfortable, adjustable straps; quick, strong stand; feels every bit worth the money you pay for it.

CONS: Some pockets very small; clubs are very noisy when you walk; no cold/cooler spot(normal for small bag, but I really miss having one.)

My wife has the GROM stand bag which is not offered here but is an awesome bag. Lots of storage and great quality. It is actually her second one the first one was stolen and we had to search several places before we could find another because that is the only bag she wanted :slight_smile:

I personally would be all over the cart bag if it was offered in a different color.

A group of us at work go to a software conference in DC every spring and the sponsor gives everyone OGIO backpacks. I have 3 or 4 of them now, each year they are better with cooler features. Love the brand and had never heard of it until that conference.

I can second all of the above. Other than the clanking when I am walking, this bag is great. Just wish it had the silencers :frowning: