OGIO Messenger Bags

The OGIO 111081.163 Newt II Mono Backpack - Blockade is a right side back pack - I’ve found this to be a major pain. I am right handed and need that back pack on my left side so it doesn’t keep sliding down every time I use my right hand.

No, it’s a leftside pack. I own it in grey. The pictures clearly show it as well.

Does someone know if the OGIO 117043.317 Pagoda 15 Messenger can carry a 17" laptop, even if outside of the laptop pocket?

Look at it again.

I have the 13" New Slim Case. It’s absolutely perfect if you’re a minimalist and want as small of a bag as possible that can still hold a 13" air/pro, iPad, charger and cables and a few other small items. Paid about twice as much for it and would do it again. Highly recommended–especially at this price.

I own one of the Pagoda’s that I got in one of my Bags of Crap. I’m currently using it over my TimBuk2 bag mainly because I’m not hauling a 17" laptop any more. The laptop pocket sits in a separate compartment of the bag that is accessible from the outside as well as unzips and hinges out for going through the airport. Taking this into account, the main pouch should be able to accomodate a 17" laptop. It may need to slide in a little diagonally along the width but it should still fit.

The only thing I don’t like about the bag is that the angles in the way that the straps are fixed, don’t seem to map to my body well. When wearing it like a backpack for me the bag sags awkwardly away from the body unless I tighten the strap really tight to my body. Also across the shoulder to hip, it feels like they made the straps come at a too wide angle and then also I don’t have a pad for my shoulder. Not a deal breaker for me because I travel pretty light with it. Maybe carrying a pair of headphones, a book, a surface pro, bluetooth keyboard and a few knick knacks.

Got it, thanks for the answer!

Have you received yours and tested it with a 17" laptop? I’ve been scouring reviews, but after being burned by two bags whose dimensions seemed 17" friendly, I’m nervous to click without a testimonial.