OGIO Slacks and Packs

Heres a link to a couple more images of the pants. http://ogio.com/outlet/flex-pant

Also- for sale for $66 from the corporate site.

Hard to find reviews of the pants, and I’m looking to buy for my son. Prices at other sites seem to run in the $65 to $85 range, so this is a good deal and I found one very positive review which seemed to be from an actual consumer of the fracture pants here http://www.tgw.com/customer/category/product.jsp?SUBCATEGORY_ID=45116 hmmm…

Darn. Again my white-furred rescued mommy cat and her white-furred son have saved me money on another bag I like.

Every time I look at a black ballistic nylon type bag, I think of the last one I got that looks like some kind of faux fur hobby project gone very, very wrong.

Got any in beige or, better yet, made of slick Naugahyde?

the 13 inch messenger case was a lot smaller than I imagined. Not very usable for me.

Silly peeve, I know, but when did pants become “a pant?” Signing off.

Waist size runs small. Buyer beware