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Where are you taking your bags?


Can anyone comment on these bags versus, say, Timbuk2?


My Husband has an OGIO workout bag and it’s been great, held up for 4 years now of pretty regular use and though beat up and dirty is still going strong quality wise. I can’t comment on this particular line though.


I do not know how they are comparatively speaking, but they do have good space. The Newt II S definitely has enough space for a 15.6" laptop.


Since most Timbuk2 bags are bought by cyclist, like me, then these bags on Woot would not even be considered.

I have this dream bag from Timbuk2. Dont know the name but it rolls up when dont need the extra space… It is enormous when I go grocery shopping.

I have carried a 20lb watermelon plus other groceries on my back while cycling home and barely felt the bag or weight and after a year of this, thru all kinds of weather can barely tell it has been used.

If this is what you are putting your bag thru then go with the cycling pro bags!

just my opinion


Ogio Newt II S says it fits most 17" Laptops… Any idea if this is actually true?

I’ve looked through some review sites and I’m getting mixed signals. I’ve got a beast of a 17" and really only want this backpack if it can fit it.



Well, I pulled the trigger on this one…my Swiss Gear is getting rather ratty…needs replacement. I tried finding reviews for this online, but apparently it’s too new! Although, I have to say, the 25 year warrany kinda makes me feel better about this. We’ll see how well it fits my 15 inch HP!


Just pulled the trigger as well on the Newt II Mono. It is the perfect form factor that I have been looking for. I need something smaller than my standard backpack, but with the same convenience of a backpack. I like having my hands free when carrying my documents/tablet/lunch/whatever and typical messenger bag straps hurt my neck and shoulders. I am looking forward to giving this a try.

Would still be interested in other peoples experience with these bags or this company. Also, does anyone know how it handles dirt and mud? With the lighter pattern I am a little worried it will stain easily. Is it easy to wash?


I have owned two OGIO laptop backpacks and have really liked them and they heldup well for me, the zipper got ripped on my old one and I was starting to wear through the bottom, 5 years daily use, the bottom would have lasted longer but I always dumped it on the floor and probably dragged it a little at pickup, loved it enough thought about getting the zipper fixed. I also have a co-worker who has owned two, both his are still in working order and he really like the brand. We converted the whole department to them we all have the same one model just in different colors. I had the Politian(sherlock plaid) and now have the Privateer(purple plaidish). We looked at the newts but didn’t go with them because we had all had side load laptop bags at one time or another and it always ended badly for the laptop, never had an OGIO sideload though. I also insisted on a seperate laptop compartment, hate when they are shared, then dust or dirt from tools and such that are in the main compartment get all over your screen and scratch it.


Thanks for the feedback. Not sure if it applies to your old bags, but if it has the same 25 year warranty, you might be able to send your old treasured bags back for repair or replacement. Glad to hear the experiences have been generally positive though.

Just one question about the side loading. I see this being a bad feature, but it does not look like the newt mono uses side loading. The zipper runs down the side, but once the zipper is open, it looks like it loads into a pouch from the top. But I hear ya, currently my tablet falls out of a side loading pocket every now and then (luckily still working though, hopefully that will end when I get this bag).


I think Timbuk2 bags are uncomfortable, but OGIO bags feel wonderful! I have had an OGIO Metro laptop backpack for about 5 years. I absolutely love it. I bought it from eBags before OGIO laptop backpacks became popular. The only problem is that the corner of my computer has worn two holes in the laptop sleeve. It’s a 17" Macbook Pro. My mother sewed one of the holes up about a year ago and another one has already formed. The bag is still very usable and I carry it to work every day. Other than that, I have no complaints.


I’ve had an OGIO laptop backpack for nearly 8 years and it is still going strong. That one is too large for the size of my back which is why I’m considering a newer model.

I’ve never had a problem with my laptop coming out of the side-zip compartment of my OGIO backpack. I actually consider that compartment a required feature. As a frequent traveler, the side-zip compartment is most convenient for easily pulling the laptop out at airport security. Much faster than digging through the main section of other backpacks or fiddling with one of those special TSA-approved laptop bags that “butterfly” open.


I am a Timbuk2 fanatic. I own 5 products (3 bags, rolling suitcase, tablet case.) I have also owned an Ogio golf bag and won a laptop backpack at a conference.

This bag appears to have grabbed a lot of the nicer features of T2 bags: TSA friendly laptop, napoleon side pocket, internal dividers, etc. It appears to have less pockets than a T2 messenger bag, but those have an excess for most people.

The nylon on my T2 bags seems more classy and “luxurious” (as much as nylon can be) than the Ogio to the touch, but I have not noticed any difference in durability or performance.

The real quality difference I see between the two companies is the zippers. T2 seems to have more robust zippers and sewn in a bit more securely. That said, I have yet to have a zipper fail on either of my Ogio products.

If money isn’t an issue, I would always recommend T2. However, for this price, it seems like a well designed bag, and if the material is like their other stuff, it will be durable and hold up for years.


Anybody know if a 15" MacBook Pro (Early 2011) will fit in the Pagoda S? Bag dimensions seem to be large enough. The M seems huge at 20" wide. Thanks.


Just going by the image, it looks like the bags taper towards the base, hence the wide overall dimensions, because they only list the longest edge. So the bags are probably a little smaller than you are picturing, but who knows how much. If you don’t like that shape/overall width, you might want to look at a different brand, or see if OGIO make bags in more rectangular shapes.


For those asking about the Ogio company, I can say that their golf bags are considered top quality. I didn’t know that they made other bag types until I saw this woot.


I’m torn between the 15" and 17" Pagoda. I carry a lot of stuff with me all the time, but I don’t want a huge hefty bag. The 15" seems like it would be fine for me, but I’m worried that it won’t be big enough in the long run. The 17" one is really only slightly bigger (according to the specs) but those few inches could be the difference between swimming in messenger bag and comfort. Anybody have experience with either one?


Found a reviewer on ebags that says they fit their Retina 15" in theirs. Also, using the laptop bag finder on the site, it states my MBPro would fit. Thanks.


Glad you found the info you are looking for. Out of curiosity, can you provide a link to the laptop bag finder? I could not find it, and I imagine it might be useful for other wooters.