OGrow 6-Tier 12-Shelf Portable Greenhouse

Can the shelves be placed randomly or can some be taken away for tomatoes?

looks like it will blow right over :confused:

can you keep it outdoors during winter? will the plastic cover take on snow?

I purchased this item from Big Lots for the same price this summer past for about the same price. Cheap construction, the joints are plastic which the rods slide into. The shelves are pieces of metal that just lay on the rods. The shelves don’t lock in place and if empty are easy to knock off.The structure is held in the grounds by anchors similar to the ones that come with summer canopies. The plastic rods in the canopies are stronger than the metal rods in the greenhouse.
All to say that my greenhouse did not make it through the summer. I was constantly reconnecting the rods and on some strong gusty windy day it collapsed on itself.