Ogrow The Greenhouse Ogre

Bought one last year… worked great! No issues… this year, however, it appears that the plastic cover shrank, and I cannot zip it close. For this price, depending on your greenhouse needs, it is definitely worth it. The new one costs as much as a replacement cover!

Me thinks the Kneeling pad Images are reversed between the 17"x11" and the 14"x8" ones.

Which did you buy? one with the “clear” cover or a green one?

Am wondering if these all need to be nailed into the ground… as I’m thinking about putting one on a roof without a deck. Will the wind blow them over?

Also, can you leave these out in the winter and still grow stuff, or do you need to store them in colder months?

I echo the plastic shrinking comment. I have the walk-in 3 tier, 12 shelf greenhouse in clear. A few negative things about it - the roll up door has no place to secure it rolled up. Both sides of the velcro to secure the door are on the same side (you’d need a strip on each side of the door to make this work). Also, the shrinkage sucks. After one season, it is so tight on the frame that the skirt you see in the picture is off the ground. The zippers on the door are not heavy duty at all and broke quickly under the stress. There is also some tearing at the seams. Finally, when I got the item, there were NO instructions for assembly and I had to go by the picture on the box. It was a sadistic game of lincoln logs. I got to the end only to find out there was a single piece missing that was structurally significant. I called for a replacement, which was sent out, but had to decide whether to buy something to temporarily fix the issue (PVC pipe) or disassemble the structure as it was causing the bars to bend. The structure is very light, but once weighted down with bigger plants, it has been secure through some decent gusts. If you are not housing heavier plants on the lower levels, you may have problems.

Overall, it’s a very cheap greenhouse and it serves its purpose. But don’t expect amazing things…

I bought the clear. Really worked well, fit everything I started as seeds and plants I picked up grown. I was just a bit disappointed this year going to build it for this season…

I got one of the 3-tier 12-shelf greenhouses on here last year. I am honestly not sure how well it’d hold up outside—I have it in my garage where I overwintered my orchids, and while it held up great for about a month, first one side pulled away from the zippered door, then the other. So it let all the humidity I was trying to build up out too fast. The frame itself is fine, and held up okay with a ton of plants on it, so I’ll probably get another cover. The frame is also sturdy enough to hang grow lights from…I have two 180 watt LED grow lights hanging from the frame, and haven’t had any problems.

Overall, seems it might be a little flimsy for outside, but it works great in an area where there’s no wind (and as long as you don’t mind the plastic separating from the zippered door).

I bought 3 of the clear seed starter cloches last year. They didn’t hold up well at all in the Kansas winds. I had to strap them down a dozen ways, then the plastic clips broke, and the plastic tore at the seams.

They did help me grow my plants but I would like to meet someone who’s gotten two seasons of use out of theirs. The warranty is notably only 90 days so most likely you’ll have expired your warranty by the time they fall apart.

And, just to be clear how disappointing these are, I would rank these easily in the top 5 most disappointing things I’ve ever paid money for.

I bought the “green” one last year after asking the same question. What I found on delivery was they are both clear, the “green” ones just have a green reenforcing thread embossed into the plastic.