Oh Deer


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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You can never go wrong with cranberry!

Except sometimes.

i find this desing to be really weird and like all abstract and what not.

LOL, it’s really cute, but really deciding whether or not I should get one.

No Caribou?

well… I guess it’s perfect for the holiday season :confused:

oh deers…>.<

Does anyone else see the Yeti monster?

Wow Tang, great print! Grats

horses in grass??

hmmm a little chickiss…

ohhwell there is another day

totally feels like a linoleum-block print congratulations .

merry christmas? or opening day (shudder)…cute, sort of, but i’ll pass.

oooh, cranberry…nice…

Wear this shirt: over your breasts to give new meaning to the term “deer on the headlights.” Wait, what? It’s actually “deer in the headlights”? Enh, close enough.

ROFL That’s great!!

I love it, and look horrible in cranberry. Alas. I’d have definitely gone for it on kelly, olive, or black.

Wham Bambi Thank You Ma’am

nuf said.

Do Not Wear: When looking at yourself in the mirror after having taken psychedelic substances. Not that you would, we know, but just in case.

Wow, is this puppy a complex design or what?

nice color.

Rorschach FTW!