Oh Fudge

Don’t need a decoder ring to enjoy this one.

Lovely and colorful design. Kudos.

This is not a criticism in anyway, but… I don’t think I understand this one. blush

Items incorporated into the design are from the movie, “A Christmas Story.”

and if you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend you do

but where did the narrative come from? downsizing? Mr. Parker?

This is my first purchase ,after one year of window shopping thru daily emails. I teetered on buying the Tina Belcher one and then… it was too late. Everytime I watch the show ,I feel a pang of regret in my belly.

This desperately needs the full “ugly sweater” treatment.

Welcome to a your new addiction.

My first thought!

Slightly disappointed that the soap is not the red Lifebuoy…but I will probably still have to have it :slight_smile:

agreed! it is still super great but now i’ll have to take a permanent marker to it, lol. [kidding…but seriously can you go back in time and change the soap, okay thanks.]

a tina belcher shirt?? awww, i missed that one entirely. now let me see, so i can get some good regret pangs goin’.

Is this an Italian shirt? Definitely looks fra-gee-lay to me.

I was going to say the same thing. I’m on the fence with this one.

The sizings that are left just say S, M, L, XL or two XL. I hope this is adult sizeing because I ordered the XL :slight_smile: does anyone know for sure? Thank you

Click the “Sizing Chart” link in the Features tab for more sizing info, but yes, adult sizes.

Yay! I’m so glad you got this one :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone for all the kind words <3

Just missing the turkey but I’m still totally in love with it!

To anyone that purchased this, did the colors not turn out as bright as shown? I got the black hoodie and am SUPER bummed about how it turned out