Oh Look! It's a Bag o' Crap!


A Big Ol Carrot for me.
I can now resume my regularly scheduled Saturday.

Thank you, Woot!

I got one?! I love you, woot!!


Got one! Been a long freaking time since I got one too. Is there a difference between this $10 BOC and a $5 BOC? Last time I got one it was only $5.

I would like to apologize to woot for forgetting that I cannot buy crap for 31 days after buying crap, and contributing to the server load.

I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Well, I probably will, but not on purpose.

ahhh I missed it! Wootstalker going crazy on my phone, and too slow in the Vestibule =(

Opened on my computer and sold out. Wahhhhahah! =D idk if I can get one… got one at the last wootoff has it been 31days?? hmmm…

yup, nope.

As I sit in the Vestibule Of Patience, I ponder how long I should sit before saying, “The server’s pulling a fast one… I’m never leaving until I myself leave.”

Is there an eventual, “Too bad!” or is this really the Vestibule of Perpetuity?

I have been trying to get this every time and I finally got one! I’m so happy and excited :slight_smile: the irony is I got a bag o crap while taking a crap lmao

waste of time as usual - im still in The Vestibule Of Patience but wont win

Got to this right away and ended up with about 6 tabs waiting in the vestibule as well as my phone. Guess I’ll wait to be disappointed later.

(This is probably because I failed to post the pictures I took the day my last BOC arrived. It was an amazingly disappointing BOC in all the right ways. Just never got around to posting the pics. someday I’ll share my disappointment)


VOP mean no BOC =(

Not always. That’s our waiting area while the servers process the orders at a pace they can handle without crashing.

Alas, alas, the Vestibule of Patience switched to … linking my Amazon and Woot accounts together for some reason… which then sent me right back to the VoP.

This time there was. I’ve been in the VOP for an hour before. It was not pretty. The smell…

VoP just kicked me to stating sold out :frowning:

Waited in the vestibule since the push notification. Server just opened up, but it sold out. No worries though, w00t and it’s BOC’s haven’t been great for MANY years. I miss the excitement of the old w00t. Later w00ters…