Oh My Gods!

I love the concept!! But… I must admit to being confused by the one with glasses… I get all the others…

Saturn says OM NOM NOM.

I think it is Uranus, one of the oldest Greek gods. So he is depicted as an old planet.

Love the face on Saturn. But you should also have put a ring on one or two of the others ; )

For those with less mythology geekery:

Most of you probably know that Mars was the Roman god of war and Venus the Roman goddess of love.

Saturn (with the rings), known as Cronus in Greek, was the father of the six main gods. Gaea told him he would one day be overthrown by his child, so he swallowed all of his children as soon as they were born. Naturally, his wife was a bit miffed about this, so she gave him a rock instead of Jupiter (aka Zeus, the god of thunder and ruler of the gods). And then Jupiter grew up a kicked his butt, freeing his siblings.

The smaller planet being bullied by Jupiter is Neptune, god of the oceans, who actually was a great god in his own right… but is definitely a much smaller planet, so I guess that’s why he looks nervous :slight_smile:

Mercury/Hermes is the messenger of the gods, and is known for his staff, winged sandals, and winged helm.

Pluto is the god of death, but since it’s no longer considered a planet (boooo!) I guess they locked him up.

So, I guess Uranus is the nerdy one with the glasses… not sure about that one. Uranus was the first lover of Gaea, the Earth. He was the sky. No, really. Next she married the oceans.

And poor Pluto got demoted, does this make him a Dwarf God now?

yeah I just noticed the cane/walker thingy after you said that but Uranus suppose to have rings too so still a little confusing

Uranus is actually known as Father Sky - he’s one of the older Gods and is connected, in some way, to most of them.

Uranus has rings, but they’re really hard to see and fairly thin. My assumption is that because the rings are so young and they are so far from the planet (and many pictures do not show them) they were left out.

I looked at the glasses held together with tape, and the bowtie, and thought classic nerd. Not sure how that fits. Perhaps one of the artists can enlighten us :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who expected a Battlestar reference with this title?

Once again Pluto plays the rejected child of the gods. Can’t it play the roll of Hermes or something? Poor little guy…

Anytime glasses are depicted on a Woot! shirt, it is required they are held together with tape. It’s a rule, check it out in the formatting guide.

I am happy to see Pluto included, even if only in a supporting role.

nope! i did too! lol, awesome show.

(Psst… Mercury is Hermes :D)

Love this shirt, the artistry, the intellectual-ness and the imagery!!!

I had a lot of fun looking at each planet (INCLUDING [our littlest one] PLUTO) and figuring them out.

Great job!!!

Saturn, what a big mouth you have. All the better to eat you with… om nom nom

haha, Gaia is all hippy.

Most planetary names are based on the Roman names (Uranus it seems is the one exception) but I’m personally partial to the Greek mythology names. It feels a little like the English/Metric units battle, only over mythology names.

He also has a walker and gray tufts of hair on his mostly bald planet head. I guess the glasses and bow tie were to signify age when seen as part of the whole little old man look.