Oh the Places

Everything on the front of the shirt is so nicely tilted. Just finished costuming Seussical so amusement level Ent high.

The hobbits on the back must not have gotten the message.

Or perhaps Frodo and Sam are going by the original quote, which says one does not simply walk there… which is why they are skipping (genius).

Seuss/Tolkien…hmmmm. The idea of rhyming hobbits is disturbing.

I figured Eye of Sauron was off limits now since they took away Firey Night, which was confusing when I sent someone to look here for a couple months ago.


Especially since the only word I can think of to rhyme with Hobbit is Bobbit.

Well poo. I have a medium long sleeve version of it and I would really love to get my hands on a size L or even XL. Love that design. Why’d they pull it?

whole new dimension of meaning to “Sam I am”…

Cool to see a new Rings parody after they were all scoured from the catalog. And this is a very good one!

Congrats Kellabell9.

If one does not SIMPLY go, does that mean one does COMPLICATEDLY go? :frowning:


This has been the best trip ever!!!

Well, you might be on to something, there. It does look a lot like Frodo is carrying a wiener in his left hand. O_o

Lob it. Game and match!

Indeed. One would figure that the D part is just as important when it comes to C and D.

This shirt is all me. :slight_smile: Solid Job Kell- Just the right amount of whimsy.

In for one.

I need to stop buying shirts…

You monsters.

SO clever!! Love this :slight_smile:

Cool shirt. Hi all.

Fuck Yeah.