Oh Well

Anyone understand this at all? not me

like the color but…

I’m speechless. It is certainly an odd design. Good luck!

And I thought my latest design was terrible!

kinda like the design
maybe in for one

Cool shirt. Love the blue and the pathetic-ness of it. Gotta think it over.

Love it. I gotta have this!

Bob Newhart and that stupid “Big Dog” dog?

Why do fat aging loudmouth bad-breathed factory-workers wear those BIG DOG shirts? Why do they think they are cool? Why do they think they dont need breath mints?

Anyways, I pass. Strange design, makes ya think weird thoughts. I like it in some odd way: I just cant wear this on a shirt. Enough of the leaves, though, thanks!

This shirt doesn’t care… why should I?

Ha, ha, ha, oh my, I just can’t stop laughing - this shirt is just so very… cute and humorous and well… oh snap!

Not. It suxors.

Hmmm. I…don’t…know…what…to…make…of…this…one.


I suddenly found my funds were in fact in order. Therefore, shirt bought. Oh well! :wink:

condition: Fatalistic

This shirt comes out of left field, but i suppose it works

My first woot :slight_smile:

We don’t need that attitude!

I like this one, can’t get enough of the old guy’s face.

different. I like it, but don’t think I’m going to buy it.

Oh my god. That is the most hillarious shirt I’ve seen so far with a matching description.
Woot should consider printing the item description in small print on the back or something.

This design is incredible! Makes perfect sense when you’re stoned and on shirts.woot.com at 1:43 am Monday morning and you have to wake up for work at 7am… “Oh Well”…

Kudos and absolutely nothing on this shirt resembles sperm.