Oh Yeah! Isolate Power Whey Protein- 2 Flavors (1lb)



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IMHO - This stuff should be researched. The Ingredients Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K) and Sucrolose are not generally recognized as good stuff.

Acesulame Potassium is a potassium salt containing methylene chloride, a known carcinogen.

Sucralose is a synthetic additive created by chlorinating sugar. Manufacturers say the chlorine in sucralose is no different from that in table salt. Fact: the chemical structure of the chlorine in sucralose is almost the same as that in the now-banned pesticide DDT.



Statements above are from public domain internet.

Hey! - Just my opinion, for what it’s worth!!


5 Stars over at the Vitamin Shoppe


Fact: None of that makes any sense.


So helpful of you.


Tiger Blood!


Also a better price per pound at vitamin shoppe. In fact, can find much better deals than woot! on Amazon.com.


Unfortunately, not the same product. This search from the mother ship shows the selection of of the Oh Yeah Isolate Power

Comparing the 1 lb package, you’re getting a better price at Woot, depending on your shipping price. I’ve got Prime, so at woot it’s about $20 per pound verses about $23 per pound at the mother ship. Of course, the 4lb container drop to about $12.80 per pound with free shipping.

There’s only one review of this product in a different flavor up at Amazon. I poked around other sites and couldn’t other reviews on this product.

Might be worth it if you just want to give the product a try. I look for isolates because they lean toward lactose free or at the least lactose very low. Some I react to, some I don’t. So if I had an intolerant reaction to this one, I’d only be looking at getting rid of a pound instead of 4 pounds.


Sucralose has been widely tested and is proven to be safe for humans. Frankly pure sugar would have been a more harmful ingredient. Here are some links to support sucralose:

That last link is an actual human study, unlike the animal studies that do not compare.

I hate how the industry is attacking artificial sugars to a point where the public thinks diet soda is worst for you than regular. Long term affects of regular soda is still more harmful than diet.


Just need to call BS on your logic here. Saying something at a chemical level is “almost the same” is a bit like saying “New York is almost the same as Amsterdam” because they share similar structures. Minor variances in chemical structure have vast vast vast impacts. The info you pointed out here is what drives pseudoscience, it’s the same kind of questionable logic that fuels the “Oh I can’t use canola oil because it is derived from the seed which is used to make mustard gas!” thinking process. Change one chemical bond and you have completely different outcome. “Almost the same” may as well read “completely 100% incredibly different with no similarity worth mentioning ever.”


I completely agree with that. It is hard to find a good protein shake under $50.


You may not want to use canola oil either…most is gmo.


Sucralose is not good for you nor is Splenda. I don’t care that the FDA approved it. Please research it more.


So don’t eat it then! Some of the rest of us dealing with the 'beetus or insulin resistance have to work pretty hard to get enough protein without carbs. Have your milkshake, lucky you.


This may be an excellent product and “probably” a reasonable price BUT if a person wanted a top of the line product contact UNJURY for powdered protein, this based on Nutrition Facts.


YES YES YES. Or “The DOT is almost like DDT - only ONE LETTER separated the Department of Transportation from a deadly pesticide.” These are the same folks who freak out about mercury compounds in vaccines but have no problem putting sodium chloride - containing an element that will burst into flame when exposed to air and one that will kill you quickly and painfully - DIRECTLY ON THEIR FOOD.
PS - Ban dihydrogen monoxide! :wink:


I’d be weary of ordering anything health supplement related from Woot. They sold me two containers of what was supposed to be a powdered workout supplement and both came rock solid in the container with no powder and about a month away from being expired. They only refunded me for one, too. Sketch as hell.


DIY Soylenter here,

Making dry soylent mix in my stand mixer 2x a week, I obviously spend a lot of time obsessing about protein powders. Specifically whey, brown rice, and pea. I’m always trying to find something good quality that I can get in large quantities with free shipping. I consume about 75g of WPI per day.

I am concerned about flavorings, not because I doubt the conclusion of the FDA testing, but because their methodology did not include long-term continuous exposure to fixed dietary intakes. Large amounts of sucralose or vanillin or w/e as a regular lifestyle habit is not the same as a short term “ill effects” test.

NOW foods is about as cheap as you can get for high-quality WPI in bulk. I order 10LB bags, and I can usually find them as low as $12/lb with free shipping.


There is no evidence of anything wrong with GMO foods. Sorry. The handful of studies pointing to problems have primarily originated from motivated researchers with an anti GMO bent and with poorly conducted and structured studies in general. In the scientific community, the anti GMO crowd is not looked on as particularly fact driven.

Here are a couple of blog posts that may point you in the right direction: