Ohio Art Air Picks – 3 Pack


No effort at all.


:heart::heart::heart: You can stay.


…but then I took an arrow to the knee.


Not at all, sir. You probably say the same thing about a bad haircut.


hey, remember the '90s? we wore our onions on our belt with pride, and we had things exactly like this except that instead of playing guitar bits from 50 year old songs they made fart noises.

yo, woot, sell us some fart noise things. those are better.


Air Picks in action!



I’d be in for 3 of those.


I think I would slap the shit right out of someone if I saw them using one of these.


That was brutal…


how does this work as an ipod dock?


give some of us some credit. you gotta admin this woot off is overkill on a few certain types of items. we need VARIETY


was in for 3, until I realized they weren’t leak frogs.


No different than any other woot-off, really.

A couple years ago, everyone complained about the number of netbooks.


I think I might have actually bought these this time if I’d already had something shipping. They look like $7 worth of fun…just not $12 worth. =P