Ohio Art Air Picks – 3 Pack



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Ohio Art Air Picks - 3 Pack
$5.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 One-Day OR $8 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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bah. another glitch





… So, who’s our DJ this evening? :slight_smile:


Also, you should set the sensors to start adding “Thar she blows” and “Yar” in place of “BAG ER CRUMP” and “Yes”.

“No” should be “nae”.

Woot should be “Ye Good Ship W00t”


I think most people are too flabbergasted with the puzzle/BOC gone bad. I keep refreshing the BOC page to see if they’ve changed their minds and added more. They haven’t.


Woot offs are just horrible for the past few months. USed to be you could get stuff from throughout the month cheaper and new stuff but now, all you can get is the same priced garbage. I no longer find myself excited about Woot offs. As a matter of fact, I avoid them now like the plague after seeing this “deal.” What a waste of time for everyone.


Yup, I did that for about a minute and then decided it’s time to get off Woot while I still have respect for the site. Not having BoC’s the past couple Woot Offs and then this disaster has left a very sour Woot! taste in my mouth. I haven’t bought anything from Woot! in about 6 months (I check every day though) and BoCs are even possible anymore. I’m just starting to lose interest…


Damn job gets in the way of another boc:( What is this disaster with the boc besides not getting one?


I found these on Clearance at my local Target for $1.75 each, they were the “Paper Jamz” Wowwee brand though.


If it’s any conciliation, I started wooting in 2007, and this was my first boc.


First the BoC fiasco, and now more air guitar pics? Woot, why you hate us? /SadArrrr



I home someone gets Angry Birds in their BOC.

It won’t be me, though. I was too late for the puzzle.

(grawr! I’m always too late!)


They had the whole ‘Treasure Map’ thing where they dropped hints of the URL for the BoC. Some people I guess bot’d the URL before the last piece was released and the BoC were sold out before honest people doing the map honestly were able to get the last piece.


The last time I saw BOC appear was when they first changed the site months ago, it crashed the site for a very long time and that woot off was a disaster.

Did they offer a new BOC this woot off? I haven’t been around until now.

EDIT: You posted the explanation above me.

They should just turn the BOC into a lottery system, every registered user who has purchased before (to weed out fake account to get more numbers) will get a lottery number each woot off. If your number is drawn you can opt to buy a BOC.


This “Treasure hunt” is terrible since the URL was bruteforced. WOOT! Don’t make your links live until AFTER the last map piece is posted! WTH!


The upside is that there’s no reason to sit through all of these silly products if you’re looking for the BOC anymore.


Thank you, bs about the boc. They should cancel those orders. Life’s not fair but karma is a bitch I hope:)




I’ve been here since about 2005, possibly even earlier than that. I’ve been fortunate enough to get 4 bandoliers of carrots over the years. The last one would have been better if it actually were fecal matter in a sac because it was total krap! And I’m not that lucky, I actually got my first one way back when they still allowed you to get up to 3 of them. I’ve come very close sometimes, had the order processing and then time out or come back and say sorry, they were sold out before we were able to process your order… meh.
I really like Amazon on most days but they are becoming the WalMart of the Interwebs it seems. Woot had way better products and deals back before the buyout. If they add any more Woot sites I think it’ll lose my interest completely. IMHO, the only good that I can see that Amazon has brought with them is noticeably faster shipping, and combined shipping if multiple items are purchased in the same day. Too bad there’s no Amazon Prime shipping discounts (hint hint hint).

Maybe if I do lose interest in Woot I will finally be able to get to bed before 1am and maybe make it to work on time for a change… nah, doubt that last part.