Ohmetric 3 in 1 Workstation Notebook Case

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Ohmetric 3 in 1 Workstation Notebook Case [New] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Allsop Ohmetric 3 in 1 Workstation Case

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anyone know if these have secret or hidden pockets?


Company Website

Wow next lowest on google is $85! Less than half price @ woot!


I wonder what kind of fabric they’re made of and if it’s going to be durable at all…

Wow. I actually found some reviews on the backpack version. Awesome.

You could put 2 of these old bags on stage during the Super Bowl halftime show and… oh wait… Never mind.

How thick is the protective padding to protect the laptop. I know that Swiss Army does a good job with padding their backpacks. Is this similar?

I’m thinking about this for my son, who is off to college in a few months.

It looks like from their video that the backpack has a hidden security compartment for a passport or something valuable like that

Backpack version on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Ohmetric-30075-Removable-Workstation-Organizer/dp/B0023B1242

Good price considering even Amazon.com has them for $90/ea

I really wish I traveled as much as I used to, it looks like a great product…

He means drugs.

And yes, no one will be the wiser.

darts eyes suspiciously from side to side

What is the difference between the briefcase and the shoulder case? (besides the handles) Also, what sort of interior space is there for books. I’m a law student, and the books I need to carry already brutalized my last bag.

I remember the name Allsop - makers of cleaning products for electronic equipment (hence the name). Does anyone know the quality of their backpacks?

According to the website they do have hidden pockets. But the secret’s out now.

I’m getting the backpack version. That is a hot laptop backpack. Maybe I “need” two. :slight_smile:

Also, word to the wise, as best I can tell these only handle up to 15.4" laptops in case anyone’s wondering…