Ohmetric 3 in 1 Workstation Notebook Case

this is the best backpack i ever bought

The product websites for the 30074, 30075, and 30076.

These will easily fit 15.4" laptops-- widescreen as well…

Nice videos, very helpful, Woot!

Pondering the backpack one. These really sound good.

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Ohmetric 3 in 1 Workstation Notebook Case [New] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

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The backpack is the best one I’ve ever had! It fits so much,and has lots of lil pockets! Makes me feel good whenever I keep finding new pockets.
The laptop case is pretty good too,and the backpack seems to have very great workmanship. A good buy!

These were on Woot.com back on Feb. 10 (same price). I got the backpack and the briefcase. I’ve really only used the backpack so far and it’s quite good – much more comfortable and carries more than my previous backpack, a SwissGear by Wenger. If you’re in the market I recommend one.

Here is a previous Woot!

I bought the backpack a few weeks ago from the regular Woot site. It is great! It is a really good deal, too.

Amazon: briefcase $44.99 via Buy.com


Backpack: $85.83 via ANTonline + $10.94 shipping:


Shoulder case: $88.99 via Buy.com


Has anyone who bought one of these previously had any trouble trying to fit them under your seat on an airplane?

The video makes the backpack look very functional, but very ugly. How does it actually look on your back?

I got the backpack on woot when it was up there a little bit ago and have flown with it, it fits fine under the seat.

This is a great bag and I’m very happy with it, has a lot more zippered compartments then the video showed

Personally, I think it looks more professional then some backpacks I’ve seen/owned (not nearly as professional as a briefcase or shoulder bag, but I care more about comfort while running through airports, so use a backpack)

can any buyers from when it was on Woot.com tell me if it fits a Dell Inspiron well? I think this thing has a 15.6 screen size which means the total size is more like 15.7 or 15.8.


I got the backpack last time these were offered. I walk a mile to class five days a week and the shoulder padding is really nice. The laptop slot fits my 15-ish inch laptop with no problems and is easily accessible. There is plenty of storage everywhere, the (nylon?) liner is durable and water resistant so far. My only complaint is the front pocket that will act as a water catcher once the thunderstorms start where I live. I would buy this again (seriously its only $40 for an awesome backpack).

On Amazon prices (shipped) and reviews:

30074 Briefcase costs $44.99 and has no customer reviews.

30075 Backpack costs $96.77 and received 5 stars.

30076 Shoulder Case costs $88.99 and has no customer reviews.

I just got the briefcase a couple of weeks ago on a previous woot and can say it is the best bag I’ve ever had!

I have a 16" and it barely fits in the given hard case. It won’t slide right in the case if you’re in a hurry. The actual compartment for the computer will fit easy tho’. you could probably even use your own slim case for extra cushion instead of the hard one they give you.