Ohmetric 3-in-1 Workstation Notebook Case

Is this in any way TSA-friendly?..

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Last time around (February), it was $10 more and the backpack was also available.

Ha! I was about to ask isnt there a backpack version of this. I would rather have that one that any of these 2. Easier to get around airports with 1 backpack on your back while pulling your suitcase on wheels behind you.

no, they shoot you on sight if you walk in to an airport with it… oh wait, what are you trying to ask?

More on topic though, I have the backpack version of these bags and love it. If the bags are as well thought out as it is, these will be awesome.

much higher prices found at other shopping sites than found here at woot!


Yeah, they will be very friendly when they confiscate it and make up some excuse about prohibited items. Seriously though, this thing looks bulky and not fun to carry around all day. Speaking of a laptop that isn’t fun to carry around all day, can this handle a 17" notebook?

Ends and Outs via Youtube

Works well with most Macs! There is one in the Youtube video.

Amazon price about 3x as much than here at woot!


shoulder case

Says up to 15.4" notebooks in the description…

Yes, I think because it has that separate sleeve that you put your notebook/netbook in, and then pull out just the sleeve part to run through the machine alone. I have a similar, but smaller, bag, and TSA seems perfectly happy when I pull out the little sleeve that has my netbook w/ charger and mouse and dump it into a tray for screening. No removing the actual machine, just the pouch it’s in!

I just bought the briefcase. Sturdy, good padding on the shoulder rest, smaller than my present shoulder bag (not an Ohmetric–should have measured my old bag first). Bought it on a Meijer website one day deal for $49.99 (free shipping), and I still think that was a good price, but this is better. “Luggage handle compatible” means that the big handle is big enough to slide the pull bar of your typical rolling luggage through it (and thus can lay it on top of the rolling luggage). I would have preferred the backpack as well, but I also have a bigger “backpack” luggage piece, and have swung it accidentally into bad situations twice…
Yes, it will “work” with a Mac or PC, depending on size.

Do these bags have shoulder straps? I just don’t see any.

…Here is a video of the brief case

Wouldn’t you know, I want the backpack one. Dadgummit!

please woot … could you get some bags that fit my huge 17" laptop?

That might be TSA-friendly, but not user-friendly.

Yes, they have a shoulder strap. I own the brief case version, and I will say the shoulder strap squeaks when you walk.

The bag is super high quality, is well designed, and very well made, just wish the shoulder strap didn’t squeak as I walk, but would still purchase again.