Ohmetric 3-in-1 Workstation Notebook Case

It’s too small for my laptop, but I bet it would make a GREAT technician’s bag. I have too many tools, whizbangs, and doodads for my main laptop carrier. A nice bonus is the flat surface, perfect for making people sign invoices.

So what’s the difference between a briefcase and a shoulder case? They both look like they have handles and shoulder straps, so is there a real difference?

Briefcase: Product Website

shoulder case

I’d like to know the dimensions of the actual laptop shell. I have a Alienware m15x and it’s rather thick.

After doing a bit of hunting I found the hard case offered separately and here are the specs listed for it: 14.75 x 11 x 1.5 inches

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To me, “workstation” means a 17" screen, and this doesn’t appear to be big enough for that kind of notebook.

Edit: Ok, I guess I get the idea with the workstation name. I was just sad that my laptop wouldn’t fit.

■Two-pocket harmonica file folder secured by velcro closure

What is that? Do they mean Accordian File Folder?

Briefcase video at YouTube

shoulder case

These are fantastic bags. I’m a very satisfied owner. This price could easily be doubled and these would be great.

[edit/wrong:]I have the shoulder bag[/wrong]I have the BACKPACK (and IT is fantastic – I can’t comment on the shoulder bag) and have given the briefcase as a gift. I’m not the frequent traveler in the family, but she who is raves about the gift.

As an owner of a previous woot for this item, I am very satisfied. The organizer that you can store cords, headphones, etc in is great. A lot of the times when I travel, I’ll stash my case in the overhead, and pull out the hard shell with my laptop in it and the cord bag. They’re all I need for a trip while keeping my precious legroom in a plane. I have the backpack, which is similar to these bags, but obviously some minor differences.

I can vouch that the sleeve will fit a 15 inch MacBook Pro.

I’ve never been happier with any laptop bag.

I bought one of these awhile back from Woot, I purchased the bag with the single handle and it was a deal at $29.99 then, $19.99 is even better now. Just buy it! If your laptop does not fit in the interior hard shell case, simply remove it, you don’t really need it as this bag is rather thick. It won’t fit a 17" laptop but it will take 15" laptops, it won’t fit 15.6"'s with the hard shell, so pull it out and shelve it. You simply can’t buy this level of quality for $25 anywhere else. Don’t let the hard shell issue deter you from buying this bag.

A friend of mine bought the two handled bag and we compared them side by side. The two handle model’s front unzips all the way down so the front face of the bag is totally open, easily exposing the inner pockets while the single handle model does not zip down all the way. It opens to a 45 degree “wedge” position.

I prefer it that way because over time, zippers can snag/jam or break, if there is less zipper material to start with, there’s less of a chance of it to fail/jam.

The double handle model would probably be better suited for a person who has large hands as the handles are rather thick due to their padding, I can comfortably state that a woman with petite hands may have a bit of trouble grasping both handles at the same time and it may cause fatigue over time / on long trips.

There is a weak magnet inside the dual handle version which helps to keep the handles together, that’s a nice touch.

Other than the single/dual handle and front pocket zipper length, they share the same basic features.

Overall, you simply can’t beat this deal with a stick. Highly recommended!

Does anybody know if these bags will handle a 17.3" laptop? It sounds like a fantastic deal, but no good if my laptop won’t go in it.

As I posted above, it won’t fit a 17" laptop, I’m typing this on an HP HP-DV8380 and it won’t even fit in the bag where the laptop is supposed to go.

I bought the backpack version and the shoulder case version when it was on woot last time. I’ve used the shoulder one a lot and for my business travel and the backpack one is great for casual trips where i don’t need to look very professional…all in all great bags. I have no use for any more otherwise I get another!

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What I want to know is how much space is available when my laptop (15.4 inch) is in the bag. Would I get able to fit a couple books/external hard drive in there as well? It looks large enough, but none of the photos show interior shots!

Yet again a case I like fails for being too small. It seems in today’s world, people really like their tech smaller… If I’m spending tons of money on a laptop, you can bet the laptop is gonna have a nice screen. Hence my 17.2" screen. I just wish a case similar to this would show up just a tad bigger. I’m a bit bigger than the average person anyways. Would be a perfect fit and my laptop could finally travel in something better than my backpack.

There is a LOT of space in these bags. I have the shoulder case model and my father has the brief case model, ordered from a previous Woot. If you want to be able to stick it on your extendable handle roller luggage, get the shoulder case model since it has a velcro slip-through on the back for just that purpose. Otherwise, I actually like the handles on the brief case model better. They just seem more sturdy, not that I’ve had a problem with the handle on my shoulder case. The side pockets are different on the two models, but they pretty much even out.

Also, to be sure, a 15.4" laptop or larger will not fit in the shell, though they should fit in the bag (haven’t tested larger than 15.4", though). As a user above mentioned, still plenty of padding in the bag even if you can’t use the shell.
15" or smaller should fit in the shell, since a 15.4" would just almost fit.

In regards to my question earlier, assuming my laptop fits in the bag no problem, would I still be able to get a textbook/notebook or two in there?