Oil Lang Syne

I don’t want the oil spill to be the only thing I remember from 2010…

edit: And who else thinks the bird looks like a music note?

Awesome :slight_smile:

Whistles and backs away from the shirt slowly


This is one slick shirt!

Yup that’s BP entire cleanup plan!

I wish I had my planet back!

sad image to cap the end of the year…

Oye(l)! is this a Travis Gentry print under the Shirt.Woot creator tag?

Reminds me of that great classic film, FernGully!

That’s just in bad taste…

Thanks to our yearly inventory, shipping will resume 1/4 with overnight orders to arrive by 1/6

I think it’s the height of stupidity to offer a t-shirt thats major impact is on New Year’s eve a few days AFTER.

I would of bought this. Now - No. Your marketers need some major face slapping. This should of been timed so that Next day orders arrived on FRIDAY Dec 31. That would of maximized sales AND next day shipping orders.


man a debbie downer. clever idea, but just makes me sad

I cannot count the ways that woot thinking even 2% of its superconsumer mineminemine fanbase still care about the oil spill is hilarious to me.

what are the chances that the acceptorator is going to be donating the inevitable grand s/he is making to the gulf to actually help the cause?

I actually really like this design, its political and fitting for the end of the year.

Oil’s well that ends well.

If they had this shirt a few days earlier with fast shipping, I would have been all over it. This is the type of shirt to usher in the new year, not afterwards.

The number one apparently is a cyclops.

And they all are giving me the evil eye so I must to bed.

Is it bad that Alabama showed up as the most buyers after the first few minutes?

Lots of wooters wooting in Alabama… and only Alabama. Mississippi, Louisiana? Where are you??