Okidata Digital B4600 Laser Printer

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Okidata Digital B4600 Laser Printer
$149.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Okidata Digital B4600 Black and White 27PPM Laser Printer

I dislike non major brand items, since it sometimes is hard to get it to work on my mac… Ill try

Can’t find a single review. Anyone else got anything?

I’m tempted. I’ve been looking for a laser printer for quite some time. I need more information though.

I have had several OKIs in the past. They have always been great little workhorse printers. They seem to be constructed using better quality materials than HP and others use. They are generally pretty quiet and compact also, which is nice for those who have limited desk space. Order toner online for the best prices and availability.

Since when is Okidata not a named brand printer?

Pretty expensive if you ask me. I got a HP laserjet a little while back for only $40. Sure it was after rebate, but even before rebate it was only $99.

The description says it is compatible with Mac OS 9.1/ OS 10.1 and higher. I wouldn’t always trust these descriptions however, I would bet that it works fine with Mr. Macintosh

Looks decent but what kind of ink does this printer use and how is the availability?

Oki is a najor brand, and actually has nice printers, but not these. The paper path in this and other simailar lines form Oki is serious cause for jamming. These are total crap.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. I have found that the current smaller HP laser printers are pretty cheaply constructed. I have taken several apart and was surprised at the number of parts which are no longer held together by screws, but rather by small flimsy plastic tabs. HP is especially good (at least lately) of designing products to die soon after warranties expire. Okidata printers still have metal inner frames and do seem much better built than those from HP. Also, all of the smaller HP printers my company has bought in the last few years have always developed paper feed problems. OKIs and Lexmarks don’t.

This is a great deal. Keep in mind though that this isn’t designed for somebody who prints a few papers for school every few weeks. It could easily handle it but it’s not what its designed to do.

Pages Per Min is decent. One of our commercial grade printers like you would see at Kinko’s is capable of printing 90-120 PPM as oppose to this one which is 27 but the standard home printer is typically around 5-10.

For an office/library situation or anytime when you are going to be getting a pretty decent flow of traffic this is a great pick. Click costs(price you pay for each sheet printed) will be much cheaper than your Lexmark or other residential brand and print more quickly.

Seems to be $60-70 for a 7000 page toner cartridge

which is great if you are going from residential ink jet. Those range from $20-$40 for 100-1000 page ink cartridges.

Thanks! Does this beast come with a cartridge?

I picked up a Brother HL-2070N a while back for $190. The new version is the HL-2070W with a list price of $149. I can’t speak to the new one, but if it’s like the old one it’s a winner.

The old one is instant-on when called to print but has a very low drainage standby mode. It prints good, sharp copy, and the off-brand cartridges are cheap and work well.

Most important, the printer is network ready. I had it as a shared printer hard-cabled into my WiFi network within minutes. The new version claims to be WiFi connectable - which would make life even easier.

Oki products are generally very very good. I only mention the Brother because it has served me well.

Bought this same printer back in February (same price) and have worked it like a dog. Very, very nice printer. Doesn’t jam often, and I do print on both sides frequently (couldn’t do this with my last printer as it jammed frequently).

I’d recommend this to anyone (and will recommend it to my mother, who’s been looking for a similar deal since I got mine), and I’m actually considering getting another one for my wife.

G’night, all.

I am all over this one!! I didn’t know Okidata was still in business. I owned one years ago and it was the best printer I have owned!


This is on Amazon for $429. Same ting mon… gonna get one.