Okidata Digital B4600 Laser Printer

1 Okidata Digital B4600 Laser Printer

$139.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future references

Beware, I used to work on Oki Laser printers and this printer design has a history of problems. This printer is very prone to jamming.


Bought one in the last wootoff, and so far so excellent.

Hmm… postscript is optional? Anyone know if that means a pluggable ROM or is it a factory-only option?

Too much and no network included

If this was ANY OTHER Okidata I would buy it immediately and suggest everyone else do the same. However, this series of printers, for some reason, LOVE to jam.

Where’s the color? At this price, I could get a color laser for another $50, no thanks woot!

I got one of these two woots ago and it is working like a charm. I paid ten bucks more and I am happy with it.

Oops I’m late…

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New Okidata Digital B4600 Laser Printer, for $139.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Okidata Digital B4600 Black and White 27PPM Laser Printer

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dont use their lasers too much, but their impact printers are excellent

According to a page on an official Oki website:
B4600 - Base Model
B4600n – networking as standard
B4600PS - Postcript as standard
B4600nPS - Postcript and network ready

Woot says this is a B4600, so no networking and no postscript I guess.
You can add PostScript support by adding a so-called “PostScript DIMM”, but it is expensive (I saw it for $200 during a quick search), but I don’t see a reason why one would need that (your computer can process the PostScript and send the result to the printer).

BTW, this printer is said to work “perfectly” on Linux, even the non-PostScript version.
This page also has interesting notes:

I’m not sure if the price are accurate and up-to-date, but it tells you what to expect with non-original toner.

if it had a print server installed, I would have considered it.

I got one of these on the last woot off. I can attest that it works great in linux. I plugged it into my home fileserver, set it up, shared it, and presto! Network printing. Now I can print from my linux & windows machines without any hassle. I like it. :slight_smile:

As far as reports of jamming, I can’t say anything on that. I haven’t run several thousand sheets of paper through it to say that it jams more than any other printer. btw, no jams yet at least. I would imagine that not using a really light weight paper would probably help in that area.

If you’re buying this, you might as well get three. The toner runs about $60 and the drum runs about $140 and usually you have to replace the drum once for every 3 times you change the toner. This price is cheaper than buying new toner and a new drum.

Nice write-up

This deal sucks. You can buy a name brand printer that is equal or better in most categories and DOES NOT JAM for under 100 bucks. The deal quality of these sites has been rapidly falling…

Last time I checked, Okidata was a name brand laser printer. They’ve been around for years.

For the price it’s a good deal IF you print hundreds of pages a month. I print a couple pages every week or two so this is what they call in the business “OVERKILL”. If I had a small business where I needed to print out manuals or something like that then this is probably a good deal at around 3 cents per page.