Okidokeys Smart Lock - Your Choice

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Okidokeys Smart Lock - Your Choice
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The problem with these things, at least in my mind, is that they seem like they’d invite as many burglaries as they’d prevent. Not because the technology isn’t competent or because they could theoretically be hacked, mind… just based on the fact that if I were someone looking for someone to burglarize, seeing a house with a spiffy futuristic glowing bluetooth deadbolt is pretty much going to guarantee two things:

A: The homeowners are at least moderately technology savvy


B: They probably have all kinds of other cool tech sh*t inside, ripe for the picking.

I might be completely wrong, but it does seem to me like you’d be planting a big sign in front of your house that reads “Hi, I’m a person who loves and owns a lot of neat toys, and I’d appreciate you not taking any of them, mmnkay?”.

Jus’ sayin is all.

Well that’s why we need to buy fancy glowy things for all the windows and dog doors too to make sure they’re all good and secure as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently, according to the linked information, the device mounts only over the INSIDE deadbolt knob…and is invisible from outside. Unless, of course, your burglar has, amongst his or her super-powers, x-ray vision…in which case locks probably would not help anyway.

I think your common burglar isn’t looking to hack a door. They look for doors that were left open, windows unlocked etc. They aren’t generally hackers. At least in the common residential neighborhood.

If we’re talking a well planned our heist on a multi million dollar property, that’s a different story.

I really like the idea of this. I have one of those number pad locks now, but I can’t upgrade to ones like this until I get a new door. You have to try to close the door like 3 times before the lock lines up right, so if it trys to auto lock, I’m afraid it would just wear out quickly.

According to the video on Amazon, the thingy on the left mounts on the outside.

Also no support for Windows Phones.

I think the point is - if you have one of the deadbolts that light up, it’s letting the thief know you have techy stuff inside. They won’t hack it, they’ll just break a window to get the juicy juicy additional tech inside.


Looks neat, but also looks like if you put it on a door with windows, you can just break the glass and reach in to turn that locking dial (our deadbolts are keyed on both sides).

But sadly, none of this matters for me because we have a security door as well as a normal door. Just not set-up for this new-fangled newfangleness.

This thing would afford me dozens of new ways to lock myself out of my house.

Found a review:


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Well, looks to me that people who have high-techy stuff like this (meaning people like me)also have lots of high-techy security cameras and alarms. . . in fact, I DARE you to approach my home from any direction and move around anywhere inside (except the bedroom) without setting off motion detector cameras which send me videos and snapshots of you before you even realize where the cameras are. I made sure that several of the exterior cameras are visible from the road. . .not one, two-three just in the front alone. Something tells me that anyone, except a totally drugged up burglar, is going to move on to a different home. There is no 100% guarantee from any security system, but visibility is a KEY deterrent. It also makes it handy to receive a text when FedEx/UPS drops off a package ;-).

So if you only get the lock, not the access panel, the outside of your door remains unchanged. The fancy electronics and lights are on the inside of your home.
So unless you invite the local criminal element in to case your home on a regular basis, they won’t know you have a fancey electronic lock.

That seems to be the problem with many (if not all) digital/electronic/keypad locks, they all are single-cylinder.

I like the idea of a keypad lock, so I could use guest codes for pet sitters, cleaning people, etc., but I haven’t seen a double-cylinder one.

They never uses the front door anyway. Its normally some random back door, Side window or window into the basement