Okidokeys Smart Lock - Your Choice

If I don’t have a Bluetooth phone or a key how do I get in?

Another review, this one concluding it’s not reliable.


That’s against firecode in many places.

We have had several keypad locks. The Kwikset one with the motorized deadbolt is really noisy. We removed it and went back to a Codelocks mechanical latch lock. The basic issue is no one in my family wants to lock a door behind them. This looks interesting, particularly the ability to set temp codes and time restricted codes.

So, the sensor option does NOT come with any RFID tags or cards, right? This isn’t as good of a deal as the lock, then, if you’re a first-time purchaser of this lock.

The website sells a sensor pack that comes with three different tags included for $100. https://www.okidokeys.com/all-products/2-smart-reader.html

Or you can buy more tags for $25 for three. https://www.okidokeys.com/accessories/12-okidokeys-card-tag-x1.html

So the woot deal, if you do have to buy tags separately, really costs about $90 including shipping of the sensor.