Oktoberfest Part Eins

Now’s the time for BEER-WOOT.

Paulaner Oktoberfest. Yum.

I love that you included the basics on how to ferment your own homemade sauerkraut! Go, woot! :slight_smile:

Große bierstiefeln bitte! Prost!

Was passiert auf diesen Thread? Ich weiß gar nicht gesehen, dass viel Deutsch gesprochen wird.

…woot sells cheese now?
I may NEVER leave.

Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich trat diesen Satz auf Google Translate erscheinen zu lassen, als ob ich Deutsch sprechen.

What, no senfgurken?

Ich spreche auch Deutsch, aber ich weiß nicht, es anderen zu unterhalten oft. Hollywood Deutsch is sehr einfach jedoch.

The Brat Pack says it’s only 12oz. of bratwurst. That’s one box. But the picture shows 4 boxes… So… I contacted iGourmet, and their chat expert told me:

“Susan: Okay, 4 boxes will be included, as pictured. They are fixing the description to say just that.”

Kielbasa is not German, it’s Polish.

We’ve confirmed this. Thanks!

Too bad the kraut is paired w/ meat. I’d be tempted if it were alone, but alas I’ll just have to settle for cheese. :smiley:

Kuhne mustard is my favorite. It’s like the German French’s or Heinz ketchup. In that if you go out to eat, that’s what’ll be on the table in Germany.

of course, kraut MUST be paired with meat. It is unnatural to have it any other way!?!

What’s the expiration date on these items? I might be interested in grabbing the brats, but don’t want to get shipped something I have to use (or should have used) within a week.

Also, hopefully this doesn’t sound too evil, do these keep in the freezer, if so, for how long?

I’d like to second bluejester’s question about freezing. Can we freeze these sausages when they arrive, or should they be consumed soon after they are received?

The Bratwurst are fully cooked and have a shelf life of approximately 6 weeks from the date of receipt.

Fully cooked bratwurst?.. ONLY if I cook it… and as far as the rest goes… PASS… .

The Emmenthaler and Bavarian Blue are worth the $7.50/8oz., BUT the Butterkase und Rauchkase, not so much… as far as the crackers are concerned… that is a typical “Swiss Colony filler” item… totally worthless… You’se guys are really cheapening yourselves… let’s get REAL again… do you remember the good old days?.. .