Oktoberfest Part Zwei-Wine Not?

I’ve gotten the smokey blue cheese from the local Whole Foods and it’s incredible. If you can’t buy it from a local store, you should def get it here. It’s SO worth trying if you’re into cheese.

That folded wine holder slab is awesome but for $89 you can just get 2 pieces of wood and make it your self for roughly $30, you can even paint or stain it whatever way you like or customize it any way you like. Nice idea!

yeah I saw that and immediately thought some nice oak planks with a 1 in. spade bit.

SEI HZ1519 Marco 5-Bottle Wall Mount Wine Storage

I bought 2 of these a bunch of months ago. Personally I wasnt too happy about the cost, but once they arrived and I got em up on the walls in my kitchen, I was lovin em.

Still do and everytime I have guests over they always comment about the wall racks and what I currently have in stock (lol, darn it!)

Considering getting the Florenz wall mount wine holder, and found it on Amazon:


More proof that the Amazon overlords are ruining Woot. After the $5 shipping, it’s a whopping savings of $0.04!!! If I were to buy it I guess I’d get it on Amazon since I have prime and would be able to get 2-day shipping. Then again maybe that’s what they are shooting for anyway.

It’s pretty hard to chase after Amazon’s constant price changes. We do our best but we are an independent subsidiary. We don’t coordinate anything. Wish we could.

No Rats for the cheeses?
Has nobody had these to comment?

Shoulda been a + on WW where we can learn about these things.

On the one cheese offering, two are stated in specs as 8oz, the other two say nothing. From the pic we can see the Chevre by Vermont Butter and Cheese is 4oz.

What about the Kerrygold Irish Cheddar?

I pinged the buyers to see what we can find out.

UPDATE: The Kerrygold Irish Cheddar is 8oz. The sale should also reflect this now. Hope that helps!

All of the cheeses look awesome, but I’m hesitant to buy them as it is still 80-90 during the day here.


Welcome! :slight_smile: