Okuma Avenger Fishing Reels

I have two Okuma spinning reels with Baitfeeder option. Excellent reel for the money.

Okuma Matata…No problem!

I own a few Okumas (including an Avenger) as well as Shimano, Penn and Daiwa reels. Okuma offers amazing value - Awesome bang for the buck!

Please MORE fishing stuff!! I’m a loyal user, prob spent $5k+ since joining… really love seeing fishing stuff, camelback water packs, even the tool sets and drills. Appreciate the different stuff

Can someone explain the difference between the 3? Just looking for something to do a little bass fishing.



I surfcast for fun and use a few Okuma reels. Typically I target Striped Bass and Bluefish from the beach as well as Tiger Sharks.

For bait I use the Avenger BF (baitfeeder) 80 reel. For heavy plugs (up to 4 oz.) I used an Okuma Salina 65. For a kayak reel I use an Okuma 55.

For what you’re looking to do the three reels offered are way overkill. At most the smallest would be good for something like Carp or Pike in freshwater.

Instead of little bass fishing, you should use the Okuma 55 for some big bass fishing!

For the price, the 55 looks like it would be versatile enough to handle bass & catfish, especially in heavy cover.

this should be good for all around fishing at the pier and surf along with some braided lines. the surf perch have no chance!

sitting, waiting, wishing to do some fishing.

It would be nice to see some fishing rods, more reels (baitcasters, conventional, spinning), braid and mono lines, some tackle

Keep your lines tight!

My understanding is that fishing deals are pretty hard to come by. Seems the fishing industry doesn’t really retire models each year.

I can believe that, most of the gear going up has not been the latest and greatest.

Anyone else having trouble getting the bail to close with a crank? Elsewhere, I’ve seen suggestions that one should always close the bail manually to prevent wear and tear and reduce line twist, but I’m not really looking to hand these down to the next generation. Is there some adjustment screw somewhere?