Okuma Spin Cast Fishing Combo

For an average recreational fisherman hunting bass, blue gill and perch this will fit the role I think.

This catches fish. …if you put line and tackle on it. :slight_smile:

seems like a REEL good deal

Wow. That looks like a nice set up. Too bad 6 foot is too long for me. I tend to break them by walking into trees a lot - so I buy 5 foot when I can find them. Plus… I’d have to buy a license again.

I have a larger sized Okuma reel than the one being sold and it works well. Nothing fancy, but does the job.

You can usually find a 10 bb reel at different sports stores for around the same price. The additional bearings really make a difference in the distance you can cast. So if you are just fishing a small pond this will work but if you need some distance look for a reel with more bearings.

$46-63 shipped on two other sites. Two of three reviews are max including “balanced and good casting 3/4 oz weight”. Additional specs include “guides are fitted with titanium oxide inserts” [which is good for your line and casts] and “graphite body and rotor” [good for corrosion resistance].

I’m taking a chance.

its already sold out but this is a “spinning” rod setup, not a spin-cast rod. A spin-cast reel is totally different.

At least try to get the description right.

This is like telling someone your selling a truck but its actually a car. 'both drive but are totally different

The number of bearings has absolutely nothing to do with how far you can cast a lure