Old Dutch 16oz. "Steelii" Stainless Steel Moscow Mule Mugs-S/4

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Old Dutch 16oz. “Steelii” Stainless Steel Moscow Mule Mugs-S/4
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Moscow Mule mugs seem to be all the rage as of late but I just don’t get it. I just can’t see myself spending this kind of money on a “special” mug for a drink I would occasionally make. Maybe I am just in the minority.

Ouch. Great price, but it kinda sucks that I bought 'em here two weeks ago for $39.99. Thanks, Wootdingus…

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Perfect Review over at Wayfair

seconded 100%

Which celebrity made this “hip”?

Same here-- there’s like a huge resurgence in this 70’s drink… still not able to by a “ginger beer” by itself here in Texas.

Is this one mug, or four?

Oprah, you know it. I don’t get it either. It’s just a cup.

You get a set of four.

If I wanted to use these as, well, mugs, wouldn’t the metal handles conduct the heat too efficiently to hold?

Anyone who owns these have any experience with this?

I can’t speak to the ‘steely’ variety, but I own a few sets of copper mugs and there’s not much better on a warm summer evening. You are correct that for hot beverages these are particularly ill suited, but for a cool cocktail on a hot day they are great.

The point (besides aesthetics of course) is that the metal mugs are not insulators, they are conductors. When pouring a beverage over ice normally the cooling of the liquid is dependent on the surface area and temperature of the ice. For example, warmer ice will actually cool a liquid faster believe it or not due to the higher volume of melt. With metal mugs the mug itself very quickly drops in temperature with the drink, helping the liquid get and stay as cold as possible quickly.

Because the metal also conducts the heat from your hands and warm air the ice in your beverage will not last as long as in a double-walled tumbler, but if you want your drink to be as cold as possible while it lasts copper mugs are the way to go.

Try whole foods in the soft drink section. Goya makes an especially powerful version. You’ll feel the burn.

I just realized I didn’t even leave a suggested recipe!

A ‘Moscow Mule’ is from a family of cocktails referred to as a ‘Buck’ (Buck, Mule, get it?) and would be considered a Vodka Buck. Personally I tend to gravitate more towards whiskey, so my summer go-to recipe is a play on a Bourbon Buck:

3oz Bourbon (Bulleit Reserve or Bookers would be my preference)
.5oz fresh squeezed lime juice
1 large strawberry
crushed ice
2 mint leaves
ginger beer (Fever Tree or homemade preferred)

Add strawberry to bourbon and muddle, add ice then add lime juice. Spank mint leaves then garnish, top with ginger beer to taste. Light stir and serve.

Oh, and don’t forget to eat what’s left of the strawberry at the end! It absorbs a substantial amount of alcohol and turns into what my wife refers to as ‘nature’s jello shot’

Thanks for the recipe. I had to go and read about “spanking” my spearmint. At first I thought I had accidently gone to www.herbsS&M.com but what a relief to know I was safely on the Woot! site all along and spanking mint is a process to release the mint oil from the leaf. Question: Why wouldn’t you muddle the mint leaf before the strawberry as you would in a Mojito?

I’m in for a set. Now I can make them at home. Funny story the not great bar I go to makes me leave my drivers license as collateral so I don’t walk off with their precious copper mug. Is this SOP for all bars or is this place as awful as I think it is?

It’s not necessarily the bar, it’s the clientele. Obviously there’s a reason they have to worry about the mugs walking away, no?

Hahaha, yeah when I hit ‘post’ I immediately had thoughts of people taking discussion of the technique down that path.

In terms of how you use the mint it’s really just personal preference, and I’ve done it both ways. I’ve found that muddled mint at the bottom adds a larger amount of herbal/earthy mint flavor to the drink, especially when you get down to the dregs. I personally prefer the lighter/fresher hint that spanking produces, and when used as a garnish at the top it also allows for more aromatic effect. Pouring the ginger beer over the mint helps bring the subtle flavor to the rest of the drink.

I have no idea. I’ve only ordered a MM there once and won’t do it again.

I suspect that this could hold other cold drinks without major issue.

Also, ginger ale works just fine. When I was into this drink, I found that in this drink ginger beer was not worth the additional cost over ginger ale. Side note, moscow mules were popular in Japan 10 years ago.