Old Payment info


I’ve been steady buying all the things and such using my log-in with no difficulties. Just now I bought a Purple Pretty Pup FancyPal Purse

Woot loaded up an expired card from 2017 in the payment information despite me using my log-in. I updated the payment information to the same card that is my default payment over on and the sale went thru. I double-checked my account over there and the payment settings there were fine.

I have had no problems using the login for payments in the last few days. Some mischievous monkeys have messed with it! Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this matter!

–TRJ Proud Purple Purse Purchaser.


Let me just say I think you’ll look fabulous carrying that purse around the town.


What does Mr. Whiskers think about the new puppy?


You jest, but I’m starting a trend here. :high_heel::high_heel:


It’s not here yet, but he is SO EXCITED!!! :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:


Thanks for the feedback JRN. We actually don’t do anything with the contents of this widget, it’s the same widget they use on Apogee, GOGO inflight etc which we just render and they give us the result. I have some contacts in Pay With Amazon so I’ll let them know of the weirdness and nudge them for a fix. But yeah, we don’t acrually have any control on this payment widget other than to include the little code snippets that make them appear. So unless PWA has monkeys too, Mort and Monte are innocent… this time!


Just rereading your post. When you say you saw an old payment instrument, was it the usual “Pay With Amazon” boxes with address info and payment instruments, or the standard Woot one?


I was logged in thru AMZN, so I believe it was the usual “Pay With Amazon” boxes. It had a little link to edit the payment and I still got the usual free shipping. I never received the email that says “Woot, Inc charged you using Amazon Pay” though.

The order confirmation looks the same as usual and has the Prime logo and all that.

Just send me the Purple Puppy Purse and nobody will get hurt.