Old Pearl Pinot Noir (6)

Old Pearl Pinot Noir 6-Pack
Sold by: Shannon Ridge Inc
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2016 Old Pearl Pinot Noir, California

My Golden Ticket says that I received this bottle of Old Pearl Pinot Noir because of, among other things, the random nature of the universe. Excellent! But that randomness also put this red wine into tonight’s dinner of grilled rockfish. Oh, well.

Full disclosure: I don’t drink much Pinot Noir. I like it, but usually drink zin, cab, etc. My wife is almost exclusively a white wine fan. I’ve ordered Pinot from the Woot just three times, my favorite of which was the Swami, my least favorite was the Renteria. I try to keep 2 or 3 bottles of Pinot in the cellar, but never spend a lot on them.

I normally let my Woot wines rest in my storeroom for a couple weeks before I sample. This one had about 2 hours upright on my counter before I opened at around 4:00. At 5:15 I poured a couple glasses, and at 5:30 we had our first taste with some crackers and cheese.

The wine is more red than purple, and not densely colored. The aromas from the glass were primarily fruit and not spice. My wife detected some blackberry, and I picked up a strong strawberry aroma, more like strawberry jam than fresh fruit (although this wine is not “jammy”). I detected something else that I couldn’t put my finger on until my wife suggested chocolate. That was it – chocolate-covered strawberries!

In the mouth, the tannins were noticeable, but subdued and not aggressive. The strawberry detected in the nose came through in the taste, as well. In fact, I had a hard time coaxing any other flavors out of it. This may be due to the fact that the “Old” Pearl is not even a year old, and is much more closed than open at this point. I chose not to drink it with the fish, so continued the bottle after dinner and clearing my palate. As the sipping and noting continued, I didn’t detect much development beyond our first glass. I see the word “fresh” a few times in my notes. If I was tasting this blind and guessing, I probably would have said Beaujolais.

The Old Pearl is well-made and accessible, and I’m pretty sure more flavors and aromas will develop with a year or two of bottle age. At $12.50 per bottle (right at my usual price point for Pinot) I think you’d be hard pressed to find a Pinot Noir significantly better than this one. The website shows the retail price to be $22.

The back label encourages you to enjoy this wine in the company of your favorite dog. We don’t have a dog, but our cats really liked the box it came in.

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a day of many FedEx deliveries that I was expecting. But there was one package that I wasn’t expecting! A golden ticket with a beautifully labeled wine bottle - Old Pearl Pinot Noir. Love the labeling, love animals!!

I was hoping to uncork this beautiful bottle at a party tonight, but my primary duty here is to get the word out on this bottle. I was in the midst of pulling wine for the party tonight when I came across a 2009 Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir then I saw Old Pearl was on WW today.

Since I’m limited by time today, I popped the corks and pour samples from each, compared color, swirled for initial sensory smell and visual legs, leading to non-aerated tasting.

Before I start - The label is magnificent!!! Cudos to the dogs for the label inspiration!

OK, Oregon vs California, 2009 vs 2016. Must understand this when comparing.

Both wines have very similar appearance and initial smell - slightly translucent red color, similar long legs with slightly sour cherry with light spice and light alcohol. I would expect the alcohol since both were poured without aeration or decanting. Nothing unusual.

Old Pearl initial taste - slightly heavy strawberry/cherry spice with a little heat showing up on the finish. (Heavy definition: Wine had a candied/syrupy mouth feel, full mouth feel like black licorice, but not sweet by any means! It’s a dry wine.

Sokol Blosser initial taste - light and clean cherry spice that continues through the finish.

1/2 hr tasting:
Old Pearl - the heaviness has disappeared. Strawberry is more prominent than cherry with a smooth finish. Definitely getting better with open air.

Sokol Blosser - still light and clean cherry through the finish.

1 hr:

Old Pearl: This is a nice California Pinot Noir. The strawberry is still prevalent over the cherry and heavier than the Sokol Blosser.

Sokol Blosser: Typical Oregon Pinot Noir. Light cherry taste throughout the palate ranges.

Summary: Remember earlier notes. I’m comparing different terrior and different price points and we all have specific tastes and expectations. Old Pearl is a very nice CA Pinot Noir. Again, I love the label, but I’m focused on the wine. It’s a bit heavy for what I like in a Pinot Noir. Maybe letting it sit open for a longer period of time will let it blossom more, but I’ve got to leave soon. At $12.50/bottle delivered to your door, it’s a home run for me, except I have an enormous, more than enormous amount of wine in storage right now. But for those liking a “Doggone” nice wine, a wine that probably hits more taste buds than an Oregon Pinot Noir, or looking for an above average every day drinker, YOU BETTER HIT THE BUTTON RIGHT NOW!!! I didn’t even check to see if OHIO is on the map!! This wine is a Home Run QPR!! And thanks for sharing a bottle with me! I could drink this bottle for the rest of the day, but I’ll save some for my friends at tonight’s party!!

Yes, Ohio is on the Ship List!! Come on Buckeyes, you won’t go wrong on this offer. For anyone that doesn’t like this wine, send me your full bottles, but I know that won’t happen!!

I am tapped out between the Wellington yesterday, the LARGE BOLD TEXT before that and the Iron Horse Russian Cuvee before that…

We should hook up at the Chateau Ste. Michelle dinner in Wooster on Friday, September 8th. Are you available?

I am going to start a post for it under the Gatherings tab this coming week. Since Scott & Jana took this year off to do their European cruise, I thought we’d try to get together for an alternative Wooster Inn wine dinner.

Thanks for the notes! Very helpful. I’ve enjoyed al the Shannon ridge offers here on woot and glad this offer up to par. The PH scared me earlier today. Did you find the wine flabby at all? I need nice acidity in my wines. Thank you!

Edit: and I completely agree: those renterias were awful.

Enabler! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. This is my first rat report. I wouldn’t say this wine is flabby at all, it seems balanced with a bit of structure. But the only wines I’ve tasted at an age of 10 months came out of a barrel, and I hesitate to speculate on how all of its components will integrate and resolve.

Edit: I just took a sip of what was left over from last night, and the alcohol seems a little more prominent today.


Mine wasn’t great either. Wouldn’t put it in the awful category but if it came from a local store I would have walked it right back in there.

I sent you a PM.