Old Spice Fresh Collection Fiji Mens

Old Spice Fresh Collection Fiji Mens

Uh $5?! It’s cheaper at Target!! Thought Woot was for cheap O’s :confused:

$4.99 by the Target closest to me.

(And then there’s the fact that I would need to pick it up from the store.)

I mean, it’s 3c more at target. But yeah, we should do better than 3c cheaper. We want deals that make you say Woot!

The fruit bag from yesterday made me say “Woot” with a sigh.


You don’t have to drive to Target. :slight_smile:

Meh. Wouldn’t need to drive to Target anyway. $5/bottle on Amazon with Prime. Available in 6/$30 or 3/$15 and you wouldn’t have to wait 1-2 weeks to use it.

Further, these are always on sale somewhere for $1-$2 off. As of writing, BOGO half off at CVS making it cheaper for me (and I can have it today and support my local economy).