OLD TIMER SCPROM-15-10CP Deer Combo Set

the sheath pictured is leather, but it looks like the knife will actually ship with a nylon sheath.

I picked up one of these up in a previous woot off. The sheath is nylon and the sharpening stone is actually a sharpening steel.

Accurate pic at the mothership: OLD TIMER SCPROM-15-10CP Deer Combo Set

agreed. check the item at amazon and it shows a nylon sheath. this is the 2nd time I’ve seen this incorrectly listed on woot, and the last time they yanked the item off the web page. This is pretty misleading - I doubt most people would be happy with a lousy nylon sheath when expecting a leather one.

I like the knife, but very disappointed in with the nylon sheath, the crappy little snap doesnt even fit the knife when its in the sheath. Would have much rather had what was pictured when I purchased.