Old Winery Argentinian Red Blend (6)

Old Winery Argentinian Red Blend 6-Pack
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2014 Old Winery Red Blend, Mendoza, Argentina

well, not exactly. It sounds like a blend, but the only grape mentioned is Malbec. Why not just label it “Malbec”? Or if other grapes are in it, let us know more about the blend?

Yes, definitely some more info on the blend. And maybe also the alcohol percentage? Where was it bottled?

Make this offer less of a pig-in-a-poke and I might buy some.

No NY…Grrrrrrrr

There’s a variety of things that are blended with Malbec in Argentina, some are the classic bdx varietals that are planted alongside Malbec, other common blenders are Bonarda (charbono), or even the main Spanish and Italian varietals. Temp. & sangio.

The possibilities are endless…

For posterity – I saw an earlier vintage reviewed that was 90% Malbec. Reviews were lukewarm at best. I googled “old winery red”, without the “argentinian”, and got a few hits that way.