Old World Winery 2009 Bon Temps Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Pack



Old World Winery 2009 Bon Temps Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2009 Bon Temps Sauvignon Blanc
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The same wine, but from 2008, is on the winery website but I can’t find anything on the 2009… wine.woot product launch?

Weird delay to start the day though, Woot- kept us in the dark for quite a while there!

Edit: just saw the woot launch logo, whoops!


What’s with the late start woot?

Does 8 months in new French Oak seem like a long stay for Sauvignon Blanc?


what a relieve :slight_smile:


Reworking above question…

Maybe 8 months isn’t terribly long, but all new French oak seems potent for Sauvignon Blanc, no? Isn’t this varietal usually doen at least partially in stainless?


Did you guys read the Snooth comment regarding the 8 months in French Oak. It’s the 2008, but I think the amount of time spent in French Oak is the same - not good, I think I’ll pass. 1.5 out of 5 glasses and you wonder why no one else puts their SB in any oak that long:

This Sauvignon Blanc comes from two vineyards, one in the Redwood Valley of Mendocino, the other from Dry Creek in Sonoma. It has attractive ripeness and underlying rich citrus and stone fruits. However, at this stage the fruit is considerably overshadowed by a leesy/toasty character that tends to muddle its flavors and place the wine well off the normal Sauvignon Blanc calibration curve. The wine was just bottled, so it’s likely this is an awkward stage and the fruit will reassert itself with some bottle age. We’ll try it again in a few months. For now it is certainly pleasant to drink, just not in my comfort zone

Read more: http://www.snooth.com/wine/old-world-winery-sauvignon-blanc-bon-temps-le-blanc-2008/#ixzz1VRyY2ZWx


late start. fun wine.


If the varietal was not listed, it would be easy to call out Chardonnay, and ask all about MLF…


Anyone else reminded of the Sookie Stackhouse books/ True Blood and vampires?


So how is it drinking right now? Not sure I’ve ever had an oaked SB


Glad somebody told the monkeys to get back to work! Is this more like a fume blanc style?


Yes, I was thinking the same thing. May have to get this to drink during True Blood watching parties.


We were testing this new wine for you. :tongue:


I have a lucky golden ticket and will report tomorrow night with the opinions of: A Non wine drinker, A novice, and two red drinkers with very different tastes.


I can’t speak to this wine in particular, but I can think of a number of notable sauv blancs that spend this long in a high percentage of new oak. Round Pond’s reserve SB, Merry Edwards, Peter Michaels, Capture, Bedrock (okay, I think he uses acacia wood but same idea). And that’s not even getting into the infamous Napa $100+ SB’s that are 100% new oak each year. That said, they trend in making really expensive SB is basically to make Chardonnay out of it (stylistically speaking).

On another note, using water bent staves instead of flame bent makes new oak significantly more approachable for whites like SB…


Most are in stainless to preserve the flavor profile, but some winemakers do a small percentage, say 20%-30% in new oak to give it a little more backbone. I think 8 months is way too long for a Sauvignon Blanc. It’s not like you’re going to age this for 5-6 years to allow the tannins and fruit to properly integrate.


Damn!!! I was enjoying my 2+ years w/o being credited with a quality post.


Thanks for all the strenuous work :slight_smile: Especially if there is a glass to clean afterwards!


OK, so I’m ratting this week. They sent me two bottles. Tonight, unfortunately for early reports, I drank the red. Yum. But that’s not today’s wine. so…
tomorrow night I shall be drinking this, in a comparative tasting with the Wellington and Rasmussen Sauvignons Blancs.

Anyone in SoCal who wants to attend, let me know.