Old World Winery 2009 Bon Temps Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Pack

Old World Winery 2009 Bon Temps Sauvignon Blanc - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2009 Bon Temps Sauvignon Blanc
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Wow, a launch during a wootoff?! Is this like seeing a solar eclipse at midnight? Has this ever happened before?

Huh, 100% new French oak. Is it trying to be Chardonnay? Wonder if it is malolactic too?

I wasn’t the first to jump on this, but apparently the one who did is also from NC.

please read the previous offer, full explanation and big discussion on the forum.

This is the same as was launched a couple weeks ago right. If I had room I would be in for 3 but definatly 1. I really enjoyed this wine.

Definitely in for 1. I am a sucker for shiny things!

wine woot! when I asked for a white, and NOT a chard, I wanted something dry, not oaky! come on!!

nice. great labrat reports posted on this bottle as well.

oh yeah, we learned about Darek & his woody http://www.flickr.com/photos/texacaliali/6059301639/

Previous lab ratting is definitely what sold me on this one, particularly the comparison to the Rasmussen.

Chard this is not, oaky this is not. I admit my ability to translate taste into words is something I am stil learning, however I can say while it was in oak you do not taste it the way the description reads. Do check out the earlier offer for better details.

So OK… the comments have sold me. It’s late in the day and I’m probably short on whites. The Rasmussen comparison tipped the balance. Got my fingers crossed that this is a good decision. Texicaliali, I’m trusting you here!

Lord, this woot!off is costing me! I just hope nothing irresistable comes up for a while after it’s over!

As a labrat for this, I can assure you, Oaky this IS.

Woot wine, you are killing me. My cellar overfloweth but you keep offering wines I can’t resist. Damn you.

In for one. Let’s hear it for even that amount of self-control.

Feeling your pain girl! My daughter refers to the wine area of my basement as “Mom’s pallet of wine!”

Honestly I didnt think this was that oaky but I will revisit it tomorrow. I suppose for a SB it has oak which is unusual but it also has had time with the skins.

either way I still think its a nice wine worth a second purchace.

(Posted by smart phone while rideing shotgun and not read)

Edit my first post may have been misleading there is oak but I did not find it as “oaky” as the description would have you belive. Keep in mined I am still learning.

sounds like everyone needs to start drinking more, the most fun way to eliminate the “lack of storage space” complaints.

Or invite more people over. Summer’s ending, inviting folks over for wine and movies is a great way to pass the lengthening nighttime…