Olde-Skool Timex Watches

Well good thing these are Timex, because Casios get you in trouble:

Unfortunately my last Timex didn’t bother taking a lickin’ before it stopped tickin’. It fell about 8 inches to the ground and jarred whatever circuitry is inside so the display refuses to work… I’ve been meaning to send it in for warranty repair, but it’s $7… It was a $23 watch… err? The Casio I bought at the same time is doing just fine…

How can a digital watch be “Olde-Skool”?

Ok, I retread the blurb and checked Wikipedia, so I think I get it now.

Whatever happened to hourly and half-hourly chimes? I can never seem to find those anymore.

So these watches are either ladies or unisex… based on how close to pink they are?

How about: they’re all unisex. Be more progressive, Woot.

I like how some are “ladies”, but one is “womens” – I guess that’s for people who aren’t very lady-like.

mmmm. the black friday semantics game.

Please don’t, woot.

so when they say water resistant… you can’t take it swimming, correct?

I am pretty damn happy about this purchase. I can’t wait to calculate the tip at restaurants. (It does other things.)

Does anyone know if any of these watches have multiple alarms or just one alarm. I need a watch for my 8 year old to help to remember his meds on time. I need a watch that can alarm at two separate times. (8:30 am and pm to be exact.)

Sadly I never had a rad watch growing up. Now I’m gonna have two! Thanks woot!

My 1st WOOT!

I haven’t had a Timex watch since the 80’s, so this is an awesome way to return to my roots. :slight_smile:

Dunno about Timex specifically, but I take my Casio swimming all the time. I wouldn’t advise going scuba diving while wearing it, because that would definitely break it.

I think technically they’re not rated as OK for swimming, but as long as you don’t push any buttons while they’re submerged, you should be fine. I’m just very forgetful and end up already swimming before I realize that I’ve still got my watch on. This is one of the reasons I never buy a watch that isn’t cheap and water resistant.

I’m impressed with the photos. How they took pictures of almost all the watches at exactly the same time… that’s precision timing!

I would say yes. My non Olde-Skool Timex IronMan is Water Resistant to 100M, or so it says on the watch. I’ve never had any problems swimming and I’ve worn Timex for years.

Although the price on these is pretty good, I think they only have one alarm, I found them here: “Timex | Page Not Found

I just got a Timex Expedition Chrono Alarm which has 3 alarms, each of which can be set to daily/weekdays/weekends. It was $29 at Target.