oldest wooter


whats the join date… curious


It’s the date when two wooters hook up in real life, start PMing each other like mad, and all kinds of guessing ensues. It is also the date that one makes multiple aliases and carries on conversations with one’s self. It is also the date that people who have posted over 1,000 times make their first woot purchase. It is also the date when long awaited monkey prizes appear in the mail.





If you are talking about age as the oldest wooter, I think a lively discussion about how old and what things people remember from childhood might ensue.

Edit: personally, I remember getting a beer with my buddy Gutenberg and talking about the printing press he was developing. It was actually the idea of making the type moveable. What a revolutionary idea. Well, that dates me!




who are some of the orignal first wooters




on the forums or just buying products




Oh, in that case. I don’t know.




yup… you were around then…


Oldest I’ve found back here who are still active are Acemom 12/17/04, Pooflady 12/20/04,
Gimmaroon 11/24/04.

The oldest I found were the woot gods, dave 7/12/04 and luke 7/20/04. Since the member list is in limbo, or at a party with my edit button, that is as far as I got.
So at 12/4/04, other than Gimma you are the oldest.




Messed up this post. Just pretend it didn’t happen, o.k.?
See next post instead…


E-mailed woot because I couldn’t get into the members list. They replied that they checked and I was online at the time. Thought that was a strange reply, they should have just told me it was not working.


You got a reply to the email?!?!?!? Wow!


ive been a wooter for years


I can see that, but still, an answer from a woot god! I’m impressed.


You are #4254. mnementh is #4245.


posting this just so i can see my little info tab on the left.


i remember the begining, didnt sign up right away though.