Oldies But Goodies

That yellow tank is calling to me. I just don’t have enough color in my closet. So much gray and black stuff lately.

Ha in the same boat.

Also do have a question that may have been answered, why do tanks only go up to XL?

American Apparel doesn’t offer them in larger sizes.

This one arrived in my mail today. Yay for green. The shirt is so soft and thin. I love it.

Shouldn’t the words “Large Intestine” be in blue?

I don’t know how I missed the Lost Cause shirt the first time around, but I know I need to get it so people know ahead of time.

Cool tanks, but I’m freezing my a$$ off here at work. Summer sucks. 90 outside, but I have to wear long sleeves to prevent crippling chills at work.

So… Lets get a couple of HOODIES on Woot! I needs some sleeves!

Its funny to recognize reference photos. I too have use that same shark image for a sketch.

I wound up using my chibi tardis jersey hoodie for the early morning travels here x.x I was so upset that it was so thin when I first got it, but it’s perfect for this time of year.

Sun Decay was my first Woot Shirt. I bought it because it was the first time I noticed 3XL was available.

Got it and realized an AA 3XL still wouldn’t fit.

Weight has been lost since then, and my wife now uses it as a sleep shirt.